How To Make An Earth Day Paper Documents In Microsoft Word?

Earth day is one of the most anticipated yearly events in the world, especially on behalf of eco-warriors and environmentalists. Now you may be as the question "what is earth day?" Earth Day is an event that happens every April 22 of each year. It's an event that showcases or promotes the support of environmental preservation and protection. This yearly event started in the US in 1970. As the years went by, more countries around the globe participated as well. Nowadays, around 193 countries have shown support for Earth Day. Even funny yet meaningful memes are sprouting throughout social media to support the benefits of Earth Day. In fact, there are exponential benefits of celebrating Earth Day every day. However, it's probably quite impossible to achieve due to our lifestyles.

So if you're hosting an event celebrating this year's Earth Day, there are some paper documents you need to prepare, such as event flyers, party flyers, Earth Day posters, Earth Day certificates, Earth Day brochures, and Earth Day cards. Such paper documents will help your Earth Day event gain audience. However, you have to make them right. That's why we have gathered a few tips on how to make any Earth Day-related paper document.

1. Open Microsoft Word In Your Computer/Laptop

Whatever editing program you've decided, you should consider changing your mind and opt to use Microsoft Word. Why should you? Microsoft Word is often an underrated editing program. When in fact, it's actually capable of creating various paper documents with graphic designs; a huge bonus since it was intentionally designed to develop ordinary paper documents. Moreover, Microsoft Word is already available in almost any computer system. No need to spend on installation.

2. Emphasize The Color Green

Green is the color that comes in our minds when we speak about the Earth and nature. So why not emphasize the color green. You can use it as your background color, design layout color scheme, and font color. However, you can also bring along other earth colors to accompany the color green.

3. Attach Clipart And Photographs Of The Earth

Since your event will be celebrating Earth Day, it's fitting to attach clipart and photographs of our Earth. This not just limits to the shape of our Earth as seen from space; this also includes images and clipart of trees, mountains, seas, oceans, and other God-made wonders. Keep in mind that most of the paper documents of your Earth Day event are advertising materials. Hence, it must have elegant photographs for it to capture an audience.

4. Explain The Various Activities Of The Event (For Flyers & Brochures)

For your Earth Day Flyers and Brochures, they must have complete information about the various activities of the Earth Day event you'll be hosting. It's best to showcase the program flow of the event from start to finish. This may include quiz bees, raffle promos, dance and song presentations, Earth documentary viewings, and other Earth Day-related activities. If your Earth Day event is a seminar or a one-day class session, you should start writing an Earth Day lesson plan for that. If that's the case, then you can use our plan templates.

5. Use Our Earth Day Templates

Using a template indeed saves you time in whatever paper document you wish to create. So why not do the same with your Earth Day paper documents. Here in, we have a wide selection of printable Earth Day templates that are designed to meet your specific needs. All of them are compatible with Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Apple Pages.

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