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What is National Library Worker's Day?

National Library Worker's Day is a celebration exclusive for library staff, users, administrators, and friends groups to recognize the hard works, dedication, and valuable contribution of all librarians to build a strong community. NLWD is celebrated annually every Tuesday of April based on the resolution proposed on the 25th of January year 2003. Although not a public holiday, business or schools may be closed to celebrate the said event.

NLWD fall under the celebration called the National Library Week, which was developed in 1957. It started when the American Library Association, together with the American Book Publishers, wanted to encourage people of the United States to read more books. "Wake up and Read" was the theme of the first National Library Week observed in 1958.

How to Make a National Library Worker's Day Template

There are different celebration ideas you can choose to celebrate NLWD. You can mark it through book fairs, games and contests, food parties, appreciation and thank you cards, festive decorations, customized t-shirt, name tags, and many more. A successful NLWD celebration differs from the number of people participating. Thus, an excellent promotional strategy is essential. Best promotional materials are flyers, brochures, social media logos, posters, etc. To help you promote the activity you wish to have, we have provided you some guides that you may follow in making the marketing material you want to use. Check the guides below!

1. Come up with a Plan

Before going through the process of making a holiday-advertising material, you should first have a plan. Decide on what material to use and the activity you want to advertise. For instance, your event is a book fair. Then, the best marketing material you must use is a professional flyer. It is imperative to have a plan first since this will help you have an idea of how to make your material.

2. Make the Design

The next thing you have to do is to design your holiday-promotional material. If your chosen material is a thank you card, your design should be simple and not too overwhelming. However, if you're not too confident with your skills, you can always utilize a ready-made thank you card template that you can find in

3. Add the Content

After designing your holiday material, you can already put the content. Remember to relate your content to your event and make it as simple as possible. For example, you are having a food party. So, your content must include the venue and the date and time of the said event. The length of your content must differ on the size of your promotional material. If you're using an editable poster, then you can freely add more information since posters have enough space for that.

4. Review and Save

Reviewing your promotional material allows you to produce a comprehensive and worth-having material. If your material is a sample brochure, it is best to proofread it first to make sure that all information is reliable. After that, you can save your brochure to any file format.

5. Print out and Distribute

Once you're done with the process, you can already proceed to print. You can either do the printing yourself or ask a professional to do the work. Nevertheless, you have to produce a high-quality invitation card to draw interest to your audience and make them come into your event. Afterward, you can distribute your holiday-marketing material.

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