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What Is an Hourly Sheet?

An hourly sheet is, as its name suggests, is one that is used to point out the things that need to happen during certain hours within the day. This type of production sheet is very helpful for those who are having difficulty in time management. Although it's mainly used by individuals to schedule the different tasks that need to be completed, it can also be utilized to take note of the number of hours a specific task has to be worked on or to keep track of who is doing what.

How to Create an Hourly Sheet

1. Know Why You Need It

It is important that you understand the sheet's purpose before you start making it. The reason for this is because it will tell you exactly what information you or anyone else will want to see if they go through the document. So, will you use it for keeping track of your hourly appointments? Is it for scheduling your meetings within the day? The sooner you figure out the sheet's purpose, the sooner you can start making it.

2. Place Whatever Information Is Necessary

This will depend entirely on the type of hourly sheet you are going to make. For example, if it's to keep track of an employee's hourly wages, then you'll want to see information such as the employee's complete name and his/her ID number. If you are going to make one for company-related purposes, then it is best that you include information about the company itself; this would include its name, address and contact details. Also, consider adding an image of the company logo into the simple sheet.

3. Make the Sheet's Table

Now you'll want to start making the table where you'll be placing everything that you'll want to see on your hourly sheet. Consider what program you will be using to make it as each will consist of different table styles that you can choose from. If you feel as if that the table lacks enough blocks to or spaces to hold all the information you want to see on it, then you can always make the necessary edits.

4. Point Out What the Table Should Display

Next is for you to figure out how you should go about organizing the table in a way that displays everything that you want it to. Again, what you will be placing here will depend entirely on the type of hourly sheet that you will be making. For example, if it's for keeping track of the tasks you need to complete every hour, then you'll want enough spaces to hold task descriptions, the time in which they should be done, and the day or days the sheet is meant to cover. Remember that you can always edit and proofread the table to ensure that there's enough space for it to hold all of the information you want it to display.

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