What Is an Interior Design Lookbook?

A design lookbook is a creative compilation of photographs intended to highlight a fashion, trend, concept, and lifestyle. Creating a lookbook is a content marketing strategy geared towards the promotion of products and services. Moreover, an interior design lookbook is a material that features beautiful architectural masterpieces, specifically on the interior aspect. It covers nearly any form of real estate properties such as housing properties, office spaces, hotels, and other real properties.

How to Create an Interior Design Lookbook in MS Publisher

Interior design is the art and act of enhancing the interior sections of a building or a house to create function. To achieve an aesthetically pleasing space, interior designers make use of both science and art to promote an outline that works with the owner or guests of the space.

Interior designers have varying styles and design outlooks. And, in order to communicate their respective design goals to the eager audience, designers have to make materials that will boost their reach and interaction. Creating such materials can be tricky and time-consuming, so you need to take the best-angled photographs and create the catchiest captions. If you want to captivate and catch the attention of real property owners who wish to have their spaces designed and revamped, then read through the guide below.

1. Create a Design Plan

Plans are part of every designer's must-haves; it is a requirement to have a continuous workflow. As an interior designer making plans should be your forte—both in the interior and lookbook designing aspects. A practical design plan will serve as your checklist on what to do. So, put your best foot forward by being ready and well-planned.

2. Take the Most Beautiful Photographs

Lookbooks exist because stunning photos that speak a thousand words. Grab pictures that could help you gain clients and future partners. Whether you are designing living rooms, nurseries, cafes, master bedrooms, kitchens, or walk-in closets, you have to grab a good camera and snap the best images for your portfolio or lookbook.

3. Foster a Design Narrative

Connect with your clients through a consistent design narrative. It doesn't have to be obvious storytelling, utilize an organization that can "Spark Joy," as famously said by Marie Kondo, an interior organizing consultant and author. Narratives also allow you to create unique and winsome concepts. Like a magazine, your interior design lookbook should have a theme that stirs emotions and increases engagements.

4. Outline all the Photos and Texts

Carefully layout all the photos into each page of your lookbook. Make a simple outline and follow the rule of visual hierarchy. Furthermore, it is good to employ a modern yet minimal design on the pages of the lookbook to emphasize the photos.

5. Go Digital!

In a world of social media and everything digital, you should also consider publishing your lookbook online to gather a worldwide reach. Through digital promotion, people from all corners of the world can have access to your work. Digital lookbooks, catalogs, mood boards are the thing now because they are cheaper and more convenient for both the designer and the clients.

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