Interior designing is one’s exceptional talent in enhancing a particular residential space into its maximum potential living space. It’s an emergence of both the art and science of a breathable human habitat. However, when weakly showcased in a poor quality lookbook, your hard work as an interior designer may not be established appropriately. Partner with us! We offer you our Free Ready-Made Interior Design Lookbook Templates in Adobe InDesign that’s curated professionally by our creative experts. It’s set to be easily modifiable for any users to tailor your specifications hassle-free. The premade layout is made sure to be in CMYK 300 Color with DPI Resolution for that premium quality lookbook appeal. Available for instant download, grab it now to show off your skills while hitting that sales target!

How to Make an Interior Design Lookbook in Indesign

Making a lookbook, in general, does not happen in a snap, or even overnight. This is a meticulous task to accomplish as specific requirements are needed to fulfill in order to achieve a user-friendly and sales-oriented one. Go through our four sharp vital points in making a results-oriented lookbook, particularly for your interior design use.

1. Image Professionally

It’s not a lookbook if it’s not for its top-notch quality images. As its name suggests, your interior design lookbook can be a point of reference for your viewers regarding their interiors. Hence, always tailor in professionally taken photos. Make sure it is well-lit, appropriately angled, not pixelated, and vibrant in colors. Feature shots on the details also. Take close up or extreme close up photos on these details as they significantly matter in the decisions of your readers. Find balance in every picture. More so, do not exaggerate the pertaining elements. Never overly enhance or photo manipulate as such may mislead your reader and lose potential sales in the near future.

2. Sharpen Your Captions

A lookbook will not necessitate you to compose a lengthy caption per image. Nevertheless, it requires you to be descriptive in as much as possible. Carefully jot it down with utmost simplicity yet “image defining” terminologies. You may describe the interior design’s ambiance and mood, the furniture’s texture, pattern and composition, studio’s arrangement principle and inspiration, motifs, concepts and styles, and others. Watch out also for grammar mishaps. Your readers may lose interest in your interior design branding lookbook if it’s written with poor grammar structure as it weakens your branding’s credibility in general.

3. Highlight Lifestyle

Undoubtedly, your interior design articles are your main project and your proposal to your readers to try them out. But, the interior design set up does not have only to be featured plainly in the lookbook as it is. One great way to help you establish your particular interior design’s mood and purposefulness are by including human elements in the photo. With this, it aggregates into a lookbook with an impressive lifestyle appeal. It helps you heightens the pleasure and enjoyment of the interior design.

For example, adding an actual smiling baby to a baby room suggests the suitability and fun into the room. If your living room interior design is occupied with the whole family members, it remarks the overall quality of the room setup and indulgence perfect for the entire family. A kitchen interior design with certain ingredients displayed at the side, a fire in the burning stove while the mother cooks. Basically, it helps you show off emotions into your interior design articles.

4. Market Them Together

As a marketing medium, your lookbook will also be your opportunity to market multiple items in one strategically. This can be done by complementing one item with another and suggest how beautiful their pair up could be. In marketing jargon, this is what you call cross-selling. You try to convince that a particular item will be at its best functionality and appeal when accompanied by another item. Also, you can carefully suggest that a specific interior design setting is much better to achieve or attain because of its better features and benefits than the other. Though this can be the more costly option, when carefully captioned and sound friendly, you’ll be able to convince them to get to that! This is also coined as up-selling, suggesting a pricer option than the other.

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