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How to Make Invitations in Microsoft Outlook

According to an article from Express (a Britain-based publication), the earliest invitation was sent back during AD100. Since then, it’s been a staple to mail printable invitations for all kinds of events—be it for a graduation ceremony, birthday dinner, or business party.

Are you wondering how to compose an email invitation using Microsoft Outlook? Well, we’ve got you covered with our tips below!

1. Start With Your Invitation’s Headline

Create a blank email document by going to File and then selecting New Email. To start writing your invitation, create a catchy headline to catch t your reader’s attention right away.

When coming up with your headline, go with something like “Celebrate the Engagement of Two Wonderful People.” Place your headline at the top of your email, written in large bold text.

2. Provide Information about the Event

After making your headline, you need to inform the invitee about a few important details. Start with the day-of-the-week and the date when the event takes place. Next, write down what time the event starts, along with how long it’ll last. Lastly, provide the event’s exact address and a request to confirm attendance (an RSVP).

3. Add Some Flair to Your Email Invitation

When decorating your invitation letter, making it look appealing is essential. However, using thematic visuals is just as important. For example, incorporate some floral imagery to make your invitation look formal yet elegant.

To add an image, go to Insert > Pictures and then select the file. Alternatively, Outlook lets you search online for images you can use.

4. Prepare Your Invitation Letter for Mailing

Once your invitation is ready for sending, you need to enter the email addresses of your invitees. To send the invitation to one recipient, enter the address in the “To” field. When sending to multiple addresses at once, use the Cc or Bcc field. In the Subject field, you can use the headline in your invitation letter.

And you’re done with our tips! Just remember what you’ve read to get your invitations ready in no time with Outlook!

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