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How To Make Baby Shower Invitations in Publisher?

A baby shower is a party organized to congratulate the parents-to-be and to shower them with gifts and needs of the baby, and to traditionally welcome the family's first child. As the organizer of this once in a lifetime event, you have to prepare the perfect set ensuring that everything flows as how you planned about it. If the gender is already determined, create a theme that relates to it. Commonly, themes are derived out from the child's gender, baby boys are associated with blue and baby girls with pink. If the gender is still to be determined after labor, unisex themes are encouraged.

There are various programs that you can use to create an invitation. However, Microsoft Publisher happens to be the one that's commonly used because of the fact that it's very user-friendly. Publisher file format first gives more concerns to the look, later the content and will end your invitation worthy to print. If you prefer this as your editing tool, our templates editable in Publisher fit your comfort.

Read on the tips we provided for you to guide you in your baby shower invitation making.

1. Finalize Your Theme

As mentioned earlier, base your theme on whatever the gender of your child is. Others consider some Disney characters such as princess, mermaid, cute unicorn, and Winnie the Pooh usually for girls and superheroes for boys. There are lots of baby shower ideas that you can use as your theme, as long as all your needs fit coordinate with your budget.

2. Input The Name

You may or may not include the name of your child in your baby shower invitations. But if you want to, you size it up and highlight it using different font styles of your desire. If you're still undecided of what name, you can leave it as unmentioned. Carefully choose what name to use for your coming baby because it's for eternity.

3. Don't Miss The Date, Time, and Venue

You can't come up with parties without a date, time, and venue. You clearly define these details in your invitation and put it at the bottom part. Moreover, you need to include these details to help your guests plan ahead whether the schedule suits their convenience.

4. Add Decorative Elements

To enhance your invitation, add some decorative elements parallel to your chosen theme. Keep your invitations creative yet not overdesigned. Rightful usage of the spaces and a good eye to the color scheme is the key.

5. Ensure RSVP

RSVP helps you keep track of your guests and tell you whether they're coming to the party or not. Be sure to place your contact number so that they can communicate with you. Knowing their decisions in advance can help you with your money management.

6. Customize A Template With Publisher ( has a lot for you!)

Got limited time to prepare for invitations? Worry less because we have here baby shower templates downloadable and editable using Microsoft Publisher. If you want to own a unique baby shower invitation, got some for you. Just simply customize the template you need for free.

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