59+ Unique Baby Shower Invitations

A baby shower is a way to celebrate the expected or delivered birth of a child by presenting gifts to the mother at a party, whereas other cultures host a baby shower to celebrate the transformation of woman into a mother. Regardless, this memorable event marks a very special moment of a soon-to-be-mother’s life since she’s carrying a tiny human inside her womb who will soon be born into this world.

When celebrating a baby shower, just like with any other events, invitations will always be part of the picture. They come in different forms such as, letters, banners, cards, and so on. Here, we offer unique baby shower invitation templates that can be downloaded.

Baby Shower Invitation Template


Classic Baby Shower Invitation Template


Editable Baby Shower Invitation


Simple Blue Baby Shower Invitation Template


Gender Reveal Baby Shower Invitation Template


Editable Baby Shower Invitation Template


Free Download

Sample Princess Baby Shower Invitation Template


Free Download

Free Couples Baby Shower Invitation Template


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Floral Baby Shower Invitation Template to Edit


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Unique Die Cut Baby Shower Invitation

Die Cut Baby Boy Shower Invitation



Sample Die Cut Baby Shower Invitation



Snowflake Die Cut Baby Shower Invitation



Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation

Teddy Bear Neutral Baby Shower Invitation



Bee Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation



Girl Baby Shower Invitation

Cute Girl Baby Shower Invitation



Sprinkle Girl Baby Shower Invitation



Pink Floral Girl Baby Shower Invitation



Homemade Baby Shower Invitation

Homemade Giraffe Baby Shower Invitation



Homemade Diaper Baby Shower Invitation



Printable Homemade Baby Shower Invitation



Unique Twin Baby Shower Invitation

Twin Baby Shower Invitation Wording



Halloween Twin Baby Shower Invitation



Jungle Themed Twin Baby Shower Invitation



Twin Lady Bug Baby Shower Invitation



All about Baby Showers

A special event intended for all future moms, that’s a baby shower’s important role. Since this is about baby shower invitations, let us also get to know more about this special celebration. Apart from being defined as a celebration thrown to soon-to-be-moms, here are some good-to-know things about a baby shower.

The term shower is constantly assumed to imply that the expectant mother is showered with gifts. A related custom, called a wedding party, may have gotten its name from the custom in Victorian times for the presents to be put inside a parasol, which when opened would “shower” the bride-to-be with gifts. On the other hand the term possibly signifies a “first appearing” of the new child to the more extensive family and network of friends.

Customarily, baby showers are given only for the family’s first child, and only women are invited. It is because the party centers on gift giving, the baby shower is generally arranged and hosted by a close friend rather than a member of the family, since it is considered boorish for families to ask for gifts on behalf of their members. But this custom varies by culture or region, and in some it is expected and customary for a close female family member to throw the baby shower, often the baby’s grandmother. When a baby shower is held after the birth of a baby, an invitation to attend the shower may be combined with a baby announcement.


Baby shower as a term that is relatively new, but the celebrations and customs associated with pregnancy and childbirth are both ancient and enduring.

  • Ancient India. Baby shower in India has been followed since the Vedic Ages, in an event called seemantha held in the sixth or eight month. The mother to be is showered with dry fruits, sweets grams, and other gifts that help the baby’s growth. A musical event to please the baby’s ears is the highlight of the ritual. It was common knowledge that the baby’s ears would start functioning within the womb, which is a scientifically proven belief. Seemantha is a ritual to pray for a healthy baby and a mother, a happy delivery and motherhood.
  • Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians did not hold baby showers as we know them today, but they did observe rituals associated with birth and pregnancy.
  • Ancient Greece. Ancient Greeks celebrated pregnancy after the birth of the child.
  • Middle Ages. Childbirth was associated with not only great physical danger but spiritual danger as well.
  • Modern era. The modern baby shower started after WWII during the baby boom era and evolved with the consumer ideology of 1950s and 1960s and served an economic function by providing the mother-to-be with material goods that lessened the financial burden of infant care.
  • Twenty-first Century. Several important changes associated with technology. Invitations, traditionally mailed, now are often emailed in elaborate graphically designed invitations. In addition, baby shower participants may attempt to identify baby parts on an ultrasound as a game or even hold virtual baby showers.

Baby Showers Around the World

Baby showers and other social events to celebrate the forthcoming or recent birth are famous around the world. They are commonly women-only social gatherings.

  • In the United States, baby shower is a basic tradition.
  • In Canada it is also a fairly common tradition.
  • In the United Kingdom, baby showers are not historically customary, although have become more common with younger generations following the import of American culture.
  • In Brazil, a party called chá de bebê (“baby tea”) is offered before birth and is often a women-only event.
  • In Chinese tradition, a baby shower, called manyue is held one month after the baby is born.
  • In Hmong culture, a baby shower is called Puv Hli and is held one month after the baby is born. A ceremony would be hosted by the paternal grandparents or the father to welcome the baby to the family by tying the baby’s wrist with white yarn and/or strings.

Other countries apart from these also have different tradition when it comes to a baby shower celebration. But one thing will never go out of style, and that is an invitation. These Baby Shower Flyers and Baby Shower Invitation Templates are some of the cute invitations that we offer.

Unique Couples Baby Shower Invitation

Customized Couples Baby Shower Invitation



Free Printable Couples Baby Shower Invitation



Couples BBQ Baby Shower Invitation



DIY Baby Shower Invitation

DIY Baby Shower Invitation Card



DIY Princess Baby Shower Invitation



DIY Baby Shower Invitation Design



Unique Disney Baby Shower Invitation

Disney Themed Baby Shower Invitation



Disney Cars Baby Shower Invitation



Rustic Disney Baby Shower Invitation



Funny Baby Shower Invitation

Funny Mustache Baby Boy Shower Invitation



Funny Owl Baby Shower Invitation



Handmade Funny Baby Shower Invitation



Hello Kitty Baby Shower Invitation

Pink Colored Kitty Baby Shower Invitation



Personalized Hello Kitty Baby Shower Invitation



Leopard Hello Kitty Baby Shower Invitation



Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower needs to be done ahead of time. There are ample of things you need to consider. So if this is the first time you’re going to throw a celebration of this kind, below are some helpful tips that you can follow.

  • Determine who hosts. You need to determine who will be the host for the event.
  • Set a proper budget. Make sure you have the appropriate budget for the expenses.
  • Decide the location where to throw the party. A restaurant or catering hall? Your home, or that of a friend or family member? If you need an outside venue, scout around and book it early.
  • Determine a date. Consult with the honoree’s mother, sisters, and best friends—especially those who’ll be traveling long distances—to find a time when all can be present. Shoot for a month or two before the due date, or at least a month after the baby comes home.
  • Make a guest list. Choose whether to invite women only or couples, then e-mail the honoree’s closest family members and friends for a list of people they think should be invited. Or, if the shower is not a surprise, ask with the guest of honor.
  • Pick a desired theme. It can be traditional (baby-related) or as simple as a floral theme, with baskets of flowers and pots of wheat grass. Keep in mind the tastes of the expectant mother.
  • Send out invitations. Provide a map or directions to the exact location and an RSVP deadline of no later than a week before the date.
  • Go shopping. Buy decorative materials and disposable tableware, plus party favors and goody bags or if you want, you can order them online.
  • Think of an appropriate menu. A brunch or tea party is traditional; a light dinner works for evening showers. Also consider finger foods, a potluck, or a dessert party. If you have a theme, the foods should reflect it. If you’ll be doing the cooking, try to choose dishes that can be made a week ahead and frozen, or at least the day before.
  • Put together the goody bags. And if you have prizes for the games, wrap them up.
  • Designate someone to help the honoree. She’ll need a hand to record the gifts and the givers.

Are Baby Showers Intended for Females Alone?

A baby shower is totally not about the baby. The baby is a fetus. It does not care about food and the celebration.

A baby shower is a symbol of support for the mother-to-be. Why the mother and not both parents? Well, because she is heavily pregnant and some mixture of exhausted and stress feeling. She is in the home facing an amazingly draining work of creating new life, but still facing the frightening unknowns of childbirth and caring for a newborn. It is the best moment to get her friends and family together, especially those who have sympathy for or personal experience with this process, to talk, laugh, and console.

There are some baby showers that are directed at the future father. These may be more oriented toward drinking beer, watching sports, fishing, or playing video games. The main nature of these gifts is diapers and/or diaper-related items. The organization of the diaper party is typically done by the friends of the father-to-be as a way of helping to prepare for the coming child. These parties may be held at local pubs/bars, a friend’s house, or the soon-to-be grandfather’s house.

Other Terms of Baby Shower

  • Diaper shower refers to a small-scale baby shower, generally for subsequent children, when the parents don’t need as many baby supplies.
  • Grandma’s shower refers to a shower at which people bring items for the grandparents to keep at their house, such as a collapsible crib and a changing pad.
  • Sprinkles are small showers for a subsequent child, especially a child who is of a different gender than the previous offspring.

And of course, no matter how prepared you are for the event, if there are no invitations, it’ll be useless. Cute and charming invitations are all available here. Check out these Free Baby Shower Invitation Templates, Printable Baby Shower Cards, and Baby Shower Banners for more options.

Modern Baby Shower Invitation

Modern Electronic Baby Shower Invitation



Chevron Modern Baby Shower Invitation



Modern Neon Baby Shower Invitation



Polka Dot Modern Baby Shower Invitation



Sample Modern Baby Shower Invitation



Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Nautical Anchor Baby Shower Invitation



Sailboat Nautical Baby Shower Invitation



Chalkboard Baby Shower Invitation



Surprise Baby Shower Invitation

Sample Surprise Baby Shower Invitation



Surprise Gender Baby Shower Invitation



Surprise Baby Shower Photo Invitation



Unique BBQ Baby Shower Invitation

Beer and BBQ Baby Shower Invitation



BBQ Baby Shower Burlap Invitation



Mason Jar Baby Shower Invitation



Vintage Baby Shower Invitation

Vintage Carriage Baby Shower Invitation



Vintage Toys Baby Shower Invitation



Vintage Floral Themed Baby Shower Invitation Card



Vintage Travel Baby Shower Invitation



Circus Vintage Baby Shower Invitation



Watercolor Vintage Baby Boy Shower Invitation



Vintage Mustache Baby Shower Invitation



DIY Baby Shower Invitation

Since there are some who choose to make their own baby shower invitation, then if this is the first time you’ll creating one, just follow the simple steps below:

  • Visit to your favorite local art and craft store. Find a base page that you love. It’s preferred to use sheets that are 12″ × 12″, but it doesn’t matter the texture, just make sure you love it. Something with a baby print and in a lime-key color fits best.
  • Choose an 8.5″ × 11″ vellum-style (see-through) paper. This paper can be in any color, just make sure it looks good over the base paper you picked out. This is by far the hardest part. Choosing coordinating papers can be time consuming, and don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion. A white paper would be best.
  • Pick out any cute decoration. Something that has a soft-toned color and a cute cartoon character design will be great.
  • Pick out what will hold the two papers together. Using a ribbon or ducky buttons will do, but brads will be better. Make sure to pick a color that will match the color of your base paper.
  • Print 4 invitations per page on the three vellum pages. This will give you enough for 12 invitations. Let them dry for 5 minutes to avoid smearing.
  • After they are done drying, stamp them, decorate them, whatever you would like to do.
  • Then cut them out. It’s recommended that you use a rotary cutter instead of scissors. Tearing isn’t recommended for vellum paper.
  • Line up your print-outs on your chosen 12″ × 12″ paper or something that is the same. These 12″ × 12″ paper sheets are perfect because it gives you exactly 6 invitations per sheet, so only two sheets are needed.
  • Line them up and attach them to the base paper using brads or ribbon.

Types of Baby Shower Invitations

Planning a baby shower can be fun and full of excitement yet a challenging task. One task essential to many baby showers is choosing the right baby shower invitations. Below are some ideas for baby shower invitations.

  • Candy Wrapper Birth Surprise. Candy wrappers are another popular way to announce a baby shower. The guest will receive a candy bar and the wrapper will contain the information for the baby shower.
  • Personalized Fortune Cookie Invitation. Yet another unique way to invite your guests is to have the invitation inside a personalized fortune cookie. Invite your friends to dinner and the fortune cookies will contain the surprise baby shower invitation to round off the evening.
  • Teddy Bear Neutral Baby Shower Invitation. This is one of the cutest design that we also have. This contains a charming teddy bear image that compliments the event perfectly.
  • Surprise Baby Shower Photo Invitation. This allows you to add an image (an ultrasound picture of the future mom’s baby would be perfect!) and modify the design as per liking. This contains adorable design that’s ideal for the event.

Downloadable Awesome Templates!

There are sill a lot of choices to choose from, so if you’re planning to download invitation templates instead of making one (not to mention the hassle and stress!), why not download our awesome collection of baby shower invitation designs? These can be modified to fit your preference, so you still have that “personalized” look. All of them are printable too! So hurry and download a copy now!

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