It is such a happy moment to have an additional newborn baby in the family. That is why parents usually plan for an event to celebrate the child’s arrival into their lives. Save the date and get to invite friends and family to that event with a creative and adorable invitation card using our downloadable Baby Invitation Templates. We have many invitation templates for all kinds of special events for parents like baby naming ceremony, baby shower party, cradle ceremonies, and more. Open your chosen template and start customizing in all versions of Microsoft Word. Available in 5x7 inches with bleed. The files are printable using CMYK color space with 300 DPI resolution. Download for free now!

How To Make A Baby Invitation In Microsoft Word

If you are preparing a baby shower, you undoubtedly already understand that the invitations are one of the essential elements. You have two choices when it comes to this aspect. You can purchase them from an event company, or you can decide to do them on your own. If you want to do it yourself, you will not only be able to save much money that can be invested in other elements like ornaments or meals and drinks. You will also be able to present your guests how valuable they are by giving a handmade invitation.

A baby shower glorifies a new family member's special arrival. It makes sense that it should be just as special as the baby shower invitation card. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event to share this exciting moment with others, so the invitation that goes with it should be just as valuable. This means that you'll need to learn the basic elements of an invitation if you want to properly make one. Below are the steps that will provide you with all the information you need.

1. Download a Template

A baby shower invitation can be created in many ways. The simplest way would be to download and print a template on blank cards from the web. There is a wide range of templates for a baby shower invitation that you can use. Optionally, you can even layout your baby shower invitation model if you can use design software. You can either use a software that is more simple and easy to use, such as Microsoft Word, a word editor, or other free programs.

2. Choose a Size

It is essential to select the correct size for the composition before diving right into developing your baby naming invitation. Invitations depend entirely on how you send them. It can take on different dimensions. There are standard print sizes to choose from, such as 5x7 inches, 6x6 inches or 6.25x 4.5 inches.

3. Don't Forget Important Details

In general, baby showers are hosted by a colleague, close friend or mother-to-be relative. Make sure formal invitations prominently displayed the name of the guest of honor (the mother-to-be). It is also essential that guests also know the host's name or hosts, so they feel more comfortable and welcomed. Do not forget to provide the essential details of the baby shower: date, time to start, time to end, and address.

4. Decide for your Layout and Theme

Your invitation card may fit any design but think of a theme, color palette, and fonts. If the baby's a girl, a Disney-themed or a little floral goes a long way. Implement as your background an amazing floral image or pattern and use it to excite the rest of the design. Use beautiful scripts and serifs to pair the background for effortless design. If you're expecting boys or girls, you may add a summer-themed design and backgrounds.

5. Use a Traditional Typeface

Whether it's a birthday or baptism invitation, typography should convey the important details of the event while setting your design's general tone and theme. Various font styles convey unique tones. A script font evokes sophistication, while a rounded sans serif evokes a quirky yet cute ambiance. Sans serif works best if you're going for a modern or minimal theme style. These fonts are simple in appearance.

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