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How To Make A Baby Shower Invitations In Microsoft Word?

A baby is a blessing to a family, and so it must be celebrated! While there is a lot of planning for the success of the baby shower celebration, make sure that you include the invitations. It may seem to be an intimidating task, especially if your budget and time are tight. But do not worry as we got you! This article would state a few simple steps you can follow in making and designing a personal baby shower invitation.

1. Create A Catchy And Fun Headline

One way to set the mood of your baby shower invitation is a fun and light headline. Use words that are celebratory and exciting. Also, include the parents' name, the gender of the baby (you can make it gender-neutral for an element of surprise), and the baby's name. In that way, you can give an insight to the guests as to what type of gift they would bring. Also, incorporate your title with the theme. E.g., if you want a fairytale-themed baby shower, you can start your title with ''Once upon a time..." or "A long time ago..." together with an honorific like prince or princess.

2. Outline The Subtitles

After the fun and exciting headline, here come the factual and on-the-list subtitles. It must be laid out for the benefit of your guests on your baby shower guest list. For your subtitle, you can include an honorary statement to the parents to be. Also, include a section of the general information of the baby shower. Include the date, time, and full event location. You can also indicate additional information such as the assigned host (if applicable), or a gift registry set up.

3. Place An RSVP

In every invitation, a Répondez s'il vous plaît (RSVP) is essential. It is to confirm that a specific guest is accepting or rejecting the request or further questioning about the event. After the subtitles, you can indicate ways of RSVP like an email address, a contact number, postal mail, a face-to-face encounter, and such. It would also raise the odds of accepting your request for the event.

4. Download A Baby Shower Invitation Template

If you decided on the content, you could now download baby shower invitation templates at template.net. Why template.net? Because they offer you a range of free and downloadable baby shower invitation templates that you can use anytime. In that way, you can save time, effort, and cost. They also offer other invitations templates that you can download, such as arrival shower invitation, engagement invitation, reunion invitation, and many more.

4. Format Your Content at Microsoft Word

For your content, make your headline shine. Make it in a larger size or bold form. For your subtitles, you can scale it down by using bullet points for a systematic appearance. In that way, it would be compelling for your guests to read from the top down to the bottom. After deciding its content, you can now format it in using Microsoft Word as an online editing application. It is a versatile online application because you can edit and customize your downloaded template in any of its versions.

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