Every big or small business must understand the value of an effective marketing plan. Given that there are many competitors around, you should know how to hook your prospective clients. You need to think and act carefully before the plan execution. To be more precise, use a diagram that visualizes each process. We can cater to your needs by using our pre-made and editable Marketing Mind Map in Apple (MAC) Keynote. You can save more time and increase work efficiency because it's all 100% customizable. Also, it's printable and downloadable in other file versions. Our templates are available in A4 & US Letter Sizes. Download it today and start visualizing your marketing plans!

How to Create Marketing Mind Map in Apple (MAC) Keynote

Launching new products or services is indeed challenging for every company. With that, you need to research, formulate a marketing strategy, and advertising to promote your business' brand identity. By means, you need a thorough brainstorming to generate ideas you can use for your business strategy. Using an efficient Marketing Mind Map in Apple (MAC) Keynote lets you create a visual presentation. To start crafting, we have given several tips below for you to follow.

1. Reveal Your Main Topic

Always indicate what your main topic is all about to construct a diagram for your strategic marketing plan. When doing business studies, there must be a presence of involved employees in the said project. Sharing concepts and ideas is a way to generate more helpful concepts.

2. Attach to Other Ideas

To visualize the flow of your chart, link the ideas from one place to another. There are many ways you can use in terms of business promotions. Some ideas you can link are print ads, digital marketing, internet marketing, social media platforms, and determine the end goal.

3. Indicate Color Coding

Always remember to keep your mind map simple, easy to understand, and compelling. Indicate color coding to each concept so it will represent their core function to the whole planning. Doing so makes your chart easy to remember.

4. Use An Appropriate Templates

You can save more of your time if you rely on our mind map templates that are appropriate to your needs. Pick in which you think is most suitable, so you can immediately craft your output. Make revisions if necessary, and spot any errors and typos before you present it.

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