How to Create a Memorial Day Flyer in Adobe Photoshop

Memorial Day is a time to commemorate and honor our beloved heroes who died in military service for the sake of our country. It is also a perfect time to take a break from a stressful week and enjoy the day with our loved ones. As Statista reports, there are around 42.75 million travelers in the United States who were off for a trip during this holiday in 2019. The number states that everyone is using this day to bond with their family and friends.

Since Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of summer, why won’t you organize a BBQ party or have a picnic with your family or friends to join this historic celebration? If you want to gather them, then you might want to craft some creative flyer using the steps below:

1. Specify the Purpose

Americans celebrate Memorial Day in various ways: throwing parties, live music in bars, celebrating mass services in church, and other personal activities. In your flyer, you need to specify the event you want to happen. This method will give your audience anticipation of what will be happening.

2. Identify the Event Details

The next step on your event flyer making is the preparation of the details. This section provides the necessary information that will guide your audience on the name of the event, what will happen, when and what time the event will start, and where the event will occur. Your holiday flyer must answer those following questions.

Remember: It is a customary practice during Memorial Day to observe a moment of silence at 3 p.m. or the so-called National Moment of Remembrance. So consider this significant time in planning for your event.

3. Make a List

Holding an event is a difficult task to do. It entails spending a lot of effort, time, and money to make it happen. Circumstances are, you could be busy and disorganized. With this, an event planner will be a great help for you. Having one helps you organize things well and keep updated on the timeline of your preparation. If you wish to hold a closed party, then you should make a list of your guests so nobody will miss the chance to attend because of an invitation that didn't arrive.

4. Design Your Flyer

A flyer is a means to communicate with your audience. Curating an elegant one will double the chance of promoting the event. To make this happen, incorporate designs to your flyer to make it more attractive. For the background, you can apply a color scheme that is appropriate for this event: red, blue, and white. It is better to insert a picture of the American flag in remembrance of the patriotic deeds of the soldiers. If you're busy preparing for the event and don't have spare time to do your flyer, our ready-made template can help you maximize your time.

5. Publish Your Work

Before printing, review your work for necessary corrections and adjustments. After, start the printing process. Using a specialty paper will make your flyer durable and even more presentable. For marketing purposes, you can upload it on any social media platform.

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