How to Create a Memorial Day Material in Adobe Photoshop?

Citizens in all corners of the world celebrate holidays regardless of their religion, culture, and tradition. Holidays have been a part of the people’s lives for so long. It brings families together to bond for a little longer. In the United States, citizens and the government observe a holiday called Memorial Day to honor the heroic deeds of the military personnel who lost their lives while defending their nation. Individuals and business entities organize an event to celebrate this federal holiday. For the promotion of this event, marketing collaterals are must-haves. There are various types of marketing collaterals; some examples include brochures, flyers, posters, web content, and profile banners. In this article, we created a guide to help you create a Memorial Day marketing collateral such as Memorial Day flyer, menu, invitation card, etc.

1. Specify the Purpose

For your predesign process, you first have to specify the purpose of your material so that you will know the best marketing medium to use later on. Moreover, it will help you have a clearer picture of the steps you need to take for the completion of the project.

2. Know the Right Marketing Collateral to Create

Different marketing tools serve different purposes. Now that you have determined the purpose of the material you are about to create, you should know the right marketing tool to help you achieve your goals. If you are going to organize a BBQ party for the holiday, then make a Memorial Day BBQ flyer or BBQ party invitation card to announce the event. On the other hand, if you are going to offer great deals during the holiday, you may launch a Memorial Day sales email campaign. Other brand collaterals include Memorial Day bulletin cover, sale posters, and social media profile banners or covers.

3. Download a Template

To help you accomplish the task more efficiently, download our ready-made Memorial Day themed templates. Here in, we have artistic templates that come with high-resolution images, modern graphic elements, and visually compelling background design. With our templates, you’re just a few clicks away from the completion of your task. Aside from print materials like a holiday menu and a flyer, we also have templates for online use such as a Tumblr banner and Youtube channel cover. In downloading a template, be sure to select Adobe Photoshop as its file format.

4. Modify

After downloading a template, open it in Adobe Photoshop and start modifying some details to best suit your needs. Since our templates are 100% customizable, you can change every element of the design starting from the background colors down to the typefaces.

5. Distribute or Publish

For print materials, make sure to print it on a high-quality paper or cardstock to ensure that you get the best outcome after printing. Then, distribute it to the rightful people. For digital materials, on the other hand, post or publish it on the right social media platform.

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