How to Create a Memorial Flyer in Word(DOC)?

The American Civil War is considered one of the most stressful times in the United States. According to, the war cost the lives of over 620,000 soldiers. Since most people today only see this as a holiday, its patriotic origins have already been overlooked. To keep this heroic event closer to our hearts, we should promote it through the use of holiday flyers. Here, we'll provide you with a list of guidelines to help you create appealing yet informative flyers using Microsoft Word.

1. Create an Outline

Just like when you're making a painting, an outline is essential to ensure that you have enough room for changes and know where each color should go. When creating modern flyers, an outline is essential for the same reasons. You'll know what elements are needed and where to place them in the layout.

2. Make It Enticing

Even if you're creating a minimal flyer, always make sure that it is able to capture your audience's attention. Your flyers should look great and appeal to audiences even those who are a couple of feet away from it. But be sure to create a balance between the design and content. You wouldn't want your flyers to be catchy but not have any engaging content.

3. Choose a Color Scheme

You want to make your Promotional Flyers not just beautiful but also relatable. By using the appropriate colors, you're enhancing the design while also incorporating your identity. However, you can also opt not to use your organization's color scheme. Instead, you can use colors from the American flag. This will make your flyers more patriotic.

4. Use Suitable Fonts

Choose fonts that can enhance your flyer. Your choice of fonts will affect the readability of your event flyer, so make sure to use creative yet legible fonts. In terms of fonts, don't go beyond three types, this will only make your flyer look distracting.

5. Add a Call to Action

A simple call to action statement can help influence readers on what to do after going through your invitation flyer. Aside from providing your contact information, you should also tell readers to call you if they have questions or clarifications about the event.

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