How to Create a Holiday Party Flyer in Microsoft Word

Holiday parties are something that most of the workers are looking forward to. A 2019 survey published in Forbes mentioned that 76% of employers are currently holding holiday parties, which is more than 10% up from 2018. With several corporations taking steps further, most companies integrate informal meetings, happy hours, holiday luncheons, and social events throughout the year. It may even appear to employees that they are given a big break as the company holds a big holiday party during the happiest time of the year. To quickly inform everyone about the big event, the company management tends to use holiday party flyers to spread the great news.

Holiday party planning wouldn't be complete until you let the world know about your event. With that, you are going to need an elegant party flyer to grab as many people's attention as possible. Read and follow the tips below.

1. Figure Out the Type of Party Theme

When it comes to the event flyer theme, there are a variety of choices that you can choose, from a simple family party with children's vibrant colors and designs or a simple work party with minimal designs. Even with holiday parties, there are a lot of creative ideas that you can look through on the web. However, you can apply something that is uniquely yours, particularly in a way that your flyer theme should represent the whole party theme itself.

2. Consider the Size and Form

Whether you would distribute the flyers personally, post them on the walls like a simple event poster, or invite them through emails, you will have to identify how big or small your flyers will be and what form does it have. When it comes to sizes, there are many flyers that you can use depending on the amount of content that you are going to incorporate. In terms of forms, you can explore your creative tactics on how to make your flyers look unique in shape. Though you can find different types of flyer ideas on the web, it is always better to create a little elegance to it so that your flyer is going to stand out.

3. Do Not Overlook the Graphical Elements

Graphical elements help to improve the invitation flyer's designs and backgrounds, but it will also convey an important message. Whereas textual elements are one of the essential components on a flyer as it provides the information a person has to know, the graphic elements help establish the connection. Use attractive backgrounds and attractive designs to emphasize your holiday party. Additionally, people from a distance can also distinguish what is being conveyed on the flyer by using visuals.

4. Elaborate the Party Details

As we have mentioned from the previous tip, the significance of texts on company flyers gives people the necessary information they have to know about the holiday party, and these specifics must always aid the message delivered by the graphic elements. The texts must answer the questions of what, when, and where vital details concerning the party. You may also include any other essential information like the dress code, holiday giveaways, gifts, pledges, and so on.

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