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How to Create Music Event Flyer in Adobe Photoshop

When we hear about the famous Woodstock music festival back in '69 or the 1985's Live Aid concert that happened in both the UK and the US, one can imagine how massive and exciting the energy of the crowd was on that day. If we combine the total number of attendees of both the event, it will accumulate into an estimated number of 572,000 attendants—the figures show that way back, the interest of audiences in music fests is serious.

Moving forward to this generation, the influence of music culture through music fests and concerts continually increases. It is estimated that there are roughly 32 million Americans who attend festivals every year, and this figure spells a significant advantage for you, especially if you're planning to organize a music festival.

Listed below is a simple guide on how you can start your music event promotion through a flyer. You can freely refer to the list or take some notes on the essential part that helps you get started. 

1. Identify your Flyer Design Motif

An attractive and compelling flyer begins with an established design theme. With the numerous design themes that you can use in your flyer design, make sure to consider the overall theme of the music event itself so that you can achieve consistency. For instance, you want to organize a vintage-themed music event, then pick retro or vintage flyer designs.

2. Construct your Flyer Wordings

The flyer wordings are the part of a promotional material wherein it chronologically encapsulates the event details. Most of the time, the flyer wordings only sums up the 4W's of information (What, When, Where, Who), sometimes it includes the one H (How). Upon formulating your music event flyer's wording, make sure that all the details are accurate and are understandable by the average reader. We highly suggest that you create first a draft out of it in a separate blank sheet.

3. Select an Editing Software

The layout or editing application of your choice plays a significant role in your flyer creation. You need to select the appropriate app that will fit your capability and capacity in using its layout specifics. If it is your first time to create a flyer layout, we highly suggest that you should utilize a basic application like Microsoft Publisher. But, if you want flyers in an excellent and precise layout quality, layout software such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Photoshop is your perfect choice. 

4. Transfer the Flyer Elements in the Digital Layout

After picking the design software of your choice, take the time on structuring your flyer through your digital board. Upon designing your music flyer, make sure that you'll follow your chosen design motif. Carefully plot and outline all the essential elements into your layout and make sure that it is balanced in terms of the flyer's aesthetic approach. However, don't limit yourself to incorporating your style. Be creative in structuring your flyer, but don't disregard the basic principles of designing.

5. Consider Using a Ready-Made Template

From the conceptualization down to the actual layout, creating one flyer from square one is undoubtedly a cumbersome task. If you agree with this idea, then we highly suggest that you utilize a pre-made printable flyer template for this project. A flyer template allows you to create one compelling flyer in no time, so consider browsing our selection of files above.