How to Create Music Tickets in Photoshop

Music can have a truly profound influence on people; both on one’s spirit and health. According to, music has been proven to have positive medical effects on the human body and psyche, making it beneficial in the treatment of patients. With an art form having the ability to impact us so strongly, it’s no wonder we host all kinds of events and gatherings for experiencing it in numerous ways.

Are you making preparations for your own musical venue? Do you need a hand with tickets for your concert or party? With our Ready-Made Music Ticket Templates, you can put together a stub design to match the awesomeness of your upcoming event! And you won’t need experience in art or a degree in graphics media to pull this off, as our ticket samples are all made for anyone to start editing right away!

Plus, we’ve prepared a short yet comprehensive set of tips (found just below) to show how you can easily use Adobe Photoshop for customizing our templates.

1. Download an Inspiring Ticket Design

Have you had a look through our collection of templates yet? We’ve got a number of different designs suitable for any concert or music-oriented performance; from colorful vector illustrations to classy photography work. So, let your creative eye guide you and pick out something that matches the vibe you’re going for.

2. Compose a Visual Harmony in Adobe Photoshop

With the new ticket template saved to your computer, the next thing to do is to open Photoshop and start customizing! As said before, our templates are expertly crafted for easy editing, so don’t be afraid to make your own changes to the design’s premade look.

You’ll need more than just a pretty face to make your ticket; be sure the information is written well. If you’re not confident enough with your own writing skills, then there’s a variety of helpful tools you can find online (such as a thesaurus or grammar checker). You should also add a bit of spice to the written content by coming up with some fun and witty lines.

After completing your ticket’s draft, keep going over the design as a whole and see if you might need to redo any visual or written aspects. When that’s done, don’t forget to save your work!

3. Assemble a Band of Different Tools

So, your tickets are good and ready now, but there’s other material you can take advantage of.

To help advertise your event to the masses, make some concert flyers to hand out or plaster around--just avoid doing any unwanted or prohibited soliciting. For a large-scale, long-anticipated performance, use a website to showcase it far ahead of time.

4. Prepare Your Tickets for Their Debut

With your ticket design all sorted out, you can now print out however many copies you need and start selling them. Remember to use not just one, but various forms of advertising material to help spread the word. Get music fans eager to bob or dance with our versatile selection of music templates!

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