How to Make a Party Card in PSD

According to Matt Douglas, in an article he wrote for the HuffPost, businesses that catered to the creation of invitations have dated back in 1642. Not too long ago, invitations were often printed and sent out to the guests of a party, whether they are for simple birthday celebrations or grand weddings. And while technological and modern innovations have helped those on a budget send out invitations the digital route (e.g., email, social media), most invitations—mainly for weddings—are still printed out.

Needless to say, when you are having a party no matter how modest or fancy it is, invitations are still very much relevant. How we send it out to our guests is what has changed between then and now. To save you some cash, creating a handmade party or invitation card is great because it still gives you the option of mailing or e-mailing it. If you are looking for a few tips on how you can create your party card, continue reading so you can learn more.

1. Decide the Theme of Your Party

Whether you are going to create your own invitation design or if you are choosing to use a pre-formatted template, having a clear theme will help you with creating an invitation. Themes help tie in all the design elements of your party from decorations, games, and even souvenirs. If you are still in the process of figuring out your party, we suggest having a go with our party planners to help you make it more organized.

2. Select Font Styles that are Complimentary and Limit the Styles to 2

Fonts make a huge difference in featuring the formality of the event. Italicized and script fonts call for more formal occasions like debuts or weddings, while bold fonts are perfect for birthday invitations or disco parties. With creative invitations, you can entice your guests to join in on the fun. Just make sure to use only two styles of typography because this will make your invitation look too busy.

3. Make a Head-Turning Header

Whether you choose to give your header big and bold fonts or just want to use a play on words to make it fun and catchy, your recipients will surely remember your party card. What use is a party invitation when it does not catch the attention of the reader? You can even research on the internet on ways to keep the contents of your invitation interesting by looking at hashtags for your celebration.

4. Attach an RSVP Card

Especially for big celebrations, knowing how many people will actually join your party is essential. This helps you foresee how much food, souvenirs, and overall budget you will need for the day. Attaching an RSVP card will help remind your guests to confirm their presence or absence on the day of the party. Remember not to be upset if they aren’t coming. Remember, it’s only courteous of them to inform you of this.

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