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How to Create Party Invitations in Adobe Photoshop

Simon Cowell once said, "You always want to go to a party where you get an invite." Funny, because according to Rachael Ray Magazine (a part of the Allrecipes Food Group) that the average invitation acceptance rate is around 65%. While it might look small or big, depending on which side you are on, the fact is you can assume that only 30% of guests will respond to an RSVP Card. Meaning, there is still a large number of individuals who won't reply to a party invitation but will always come. Although these statistics have a real survey backing it, there is an unwritten rule when it comes to wedding attendance that might pique your interest.

The report goes like this. When a guest is local, it means within the same city or town, the possibility for such individuals joining in the party is around 85%. For those friends living out of town, it goes down to 55%. Much so, if the venue is on a popular vacation destination, there is only around 45% chance for a guest to attend. These numbers, with the other statistic, clearly show that wedding or birthday invitations are indeed something that can help a party gain or retain guests.

1. Have A Theme

You must be thinking of something right now, and it is within the lines of "so where do I go from here?" Well, don't you worry, as these steps will surely help you expedite that process of writing or creating your party invitation template. Although you might find it hard at first to create one, with these steps, you know you can do it. So, your first step, by the way, is to have a theme. Themes are necessary for the party or the whole celebration to push on. Consistency is a significant factor in making a blast of a party; therefore, be consistent. You do unity by having a theme.

2. Find A Template

The next step is to have an invitation card template to complement your theme. A party without a proper relevance will appear amateur or of lesser worth. So, make sure your model will significantly boost your party and not damage it. has a vast collection of templates from where you can choose. Our beautifully designed and professionally written samples are sure to take your breath away. Download one of our printable and editable templates today.

3. Edit in Adobe Photoshop

After you have your example, you can start editing in Adobe Photoshop. If it is possible, you can skip the editing, but if you want to change something from the theme, you must do it. Changing the design a bit helps you in the long run as this might appear like your personal touch for the whole party. So make sure to put your preference upfront for everyone to see that you are really into this activity.

4. Add Details

After the design is final, you can add catchy typography to excite the receiver of the invitation. Make your letters bold, italic, or creative, but make sure to make them readable. Set your fonts right and proper. Include a logo also if you are doing this for an organization, and it is not just personal.

5. Know Proper Timing

Lastly, it would be best if you remembered that people have personal preferences in receiving letters or invitations. It pays for you to learn Party Invitation Etiquette if you still find the whole thing outrageous or unstable. Remember to use an excellent paper to complement your theme and your name or brand.

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