Organizing an event could take a lot of effort. You have to make sure the venue is ready, prepare the food, take care of the guests, send out invitations, name it all. All these tasks (and more) must be on point to host a party event successfully. It could be overwhelming, but if I were you, I would take advantage of tools to help me organize a social gathering. These tools are all about making sure that the tasks will become easier to handle. One of the promising party event tools is a party event flyer template. You don't have to stress out on inviting people to attend your party. Because with this 100% customizable, easily editable, professionally designed, high-quality, and printable template, you can easily let people know about the event you are hosting. Download this template now and get it in M.S. Publisher file format. 

How to Make a Party Event Flyer in Microsoft Office Word

There can be several reasons why we should throw a party. It could be a celebration for a professional milestone, or it could be a gathering to see faraway friends. However, despite the reasons for festivities, U.S. based workplaces canceled parties in 2017 because of the launching of the #MeeToo movement. This movement is against sexual harassment and sexual assault to women in the workplace. According to Forbes, academic research shows that consuming alcohol associates with a spike in workplace sexual harassment. Since companies serve alcoholic beverages during office parties, it is prone to misconduct. After shying away from the celebrations, a recent survey conducted by recruiting and outplacement consultancy Challenger Gray & Christmas, the percentage of U.S. based companies that are planning to hold an office party raised to 76 percent in 2019—that's a 10 percent increase from 2018, Forbes reported.

If you are planning to throw a party, whether in your workplace or at home, we have made a list of steps to help you make a party event flyer in M.S. Publisher.

1. Start with a Plan

Believe it or not, a simple flyer is a go-to marketing material in print design. Because of its versatility, you can use a flyer as an invitation, announcement, and advertisement. With that said, flyers are blank canvass waiting for a creative stint. So, if your task is about making an effective party event flyer, you must consider these three major factors of graphic design and focus on them. First, make the flyer eye-catching. There's a chance that your flyer is similar to an old flyer. But you can avoid doing the same design by incorporating unique styles and features. Second, consider the colors you use in the flyer. This part could be difficult, but the colors should engage with the emotions and feelings of the readers. The third factor is finding the balance in all the things in your flyer. Working on a flyer means working on a limited space. So, to make sense with the content only include important details and information. And leave no room for unnecessary things.

2. Develop the Content

Whether you like it or not, marketing flyers will get you into writing. The design and writing part should work together to create a greater impact. And while the visual design catches the attention of your readers, you should not miss out on the chance to provide them with comprehensive content. To achieve that, you should develop a content strategy that prioritizes and highlight the purpose of the marketing tool.

3. Incorporate Branding Tactics

Branding is crucial, especially if you are making a company flyer for a business. Since you will be creating a more personal event party flyer, it has to identify with the event you are organizing. Features like logos, punch lines, and headers are important aspects to focus on, too.

4. Include Call to Action (CTA)

Always keep in mind the goal of making the party event flyer; let people know about the party you are hosting. You comply with all the aspects to create an effective advertising flyer, so it is time to seal the deal. Call to Action (CTA) is an important foundation of marketing. These requests are effective and invite people to your event.

5. Provide Effective Distribution Channel

Today, distributing an event flyer comes in two ways—physical and digital distributions. It is now time to secure guests at the party. So, let people see the flyer and do its work.

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