Preschool is a stage where child development is facilitated. Preschool teachers handle the social, emotional, and personal development of children. With so many things to consider in the development of preschoolers, having a preschool planner is crucial. Here are professionally crafted Preschool Planner Templates in Apple Pages to help you stay balanced with the duties and responsibilities. These templates make customizations a lot easier since it has ready-made content that is 100% customizable. You may choose any printing method you wish with these high-quality and printable templates. Grab one of our templates now and get the chance to unlock more features. 

How to Make a Preschool Planner in Pages

It is a common misconception that early childhood education will have no significant impact on the children. And because of that, parents opt not to send their young ones to preschool. Parents believe that the only thing preschoolers do are playing games and singing songs when, in fact, children do more than what was mentioned. Preschool is a stage where children are taught and helped by trained professional teachers in developing their social skills, emotional skills, independence, self-confidence, and into their highest potential. Based on the Perry Preschool study by HighScope, children who attended day care were more likely employed, high school graduates, committed fewer crimes, and have higher earnings. Preschool is technically a crucial stage for the development of toddlers.

Being a preschool teacher is a rewarding job, though it can be a challenging profession since you'll be caring and educating children to prepare them for kindergarten. With the numerous duties and responsibilities you have on your shoulder, and with little time, you'll need a document to help you in planning your schedule. Have at your disposal a preschool planner to keep track of the daily, weekly, and monthly activity in early childhood education. Here is a short guide to aid you in creating one in Apple Pages.

1. Determine the Purpose

A planner is produced for a particular purpose. Therefore, the objective should be clearly defined before you start making one. The planner's objective can be preschool curriculum, preschool program plan, or course plan. As a teacher, you will be supporting the development of children, especially in their personal, academic, and social development. You can even set the purpose of your planner with that idea in mind.

2. Identify Tasks and Activities

List the tasks and activities you want to present on your preschool planner. When writing the tasks and activities, make it specific as possible. Do not write your content immediately on your planner. In this way, you'll be able to avoid inputting unnecessary information. Draft the tasks and activities on a different paper beforehand and evaluate if it suits the purpose of your planner. Furthermore, do not forget to label your activities to keep them organized.

3. Set the Schedule

Preschool teachers have a lot of tasks to juggle at the same time, from caring for children to writing lesson plans. To avoid taking on more than you can handle, set the schedule straight. Assign a time to each activity and task you have. By assigning a time to each activity, it allows you to have a balance with your workload.

4. Give It a Design

Give your simple planner a design. Because it is a preschool planner, it is expected to have a child-friendly and visually appealing theme. You can apply colors, images, and illustrations you believe will make it appear attractive. If you have no idea how you're going to design your planner, you can utilize the templates above. These have ready-made layouts and designs that you may use.

5. Update Regularly

A printable planner needs to be regularly updated. Set a weekly planning session. This will allow you to plot over what you need to do for the week ahead.

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