In a developing business industry where companies are competing with each other, one must be innovative where they can promote their business's products creatively and effectively. With that, we present to you our premade Product Flyer templates that are accessible in all versions of Adobe Illustrator. Our beautifully designed templates are crafted with preformatted layout and design, along with suggestive content. With our editable templates, we guarantee you that you will be able to deliver your advertising message to your market efficiently. Our printable templates are available in A4 and US sizes. What else are you looking for? Download today!

How to Make a Product Flyer in Adobe Illustrator

Product-selling companies in the United States of America are emerging from time to time. However, the ranking of these businesses differs in their annual sales. According to Statista figure, the leading personal and household products company in the year 2017 is the Procter and Gamble Company, wherein its total sales in the same year are about 40.3 billion U.S. dollars. Colgate with 13.1 billion U.S dollars followed P&G. With this data, it is no doubt that product-related companies are increasing.

So, if you have a business in this industry and you want to market all your products, you should have marketing material, through flyers, that will present your products well. For that reason, we have several tips in making an impressive product flyer. Here's how!

1. Prepare a Catchy Headline

One of the things that a client notices every time they receive material for product promotion, like flyers, is the headline. Although headlines are mostly one sentence, it is no doubt effective to get the attention of customers if it is engaging and catchy. So before you start making your product professional flyer, you have to prepare an exciting flyer headline first. However, do not make your headline too long, so it will not strain your flyer.

2. List down the Benefits of your Product

Whether you are promoting your skincare products, furniture, or kitchen items, you must never forget to incorporate its benefits into your one-page promotional flyer. The benefits are necessary for any advertising materials since this is where your clients will weigh if your products are worth their penny.

3. Write Down Testimonials

Putting testimonies from your satisfied customers will strengthen the accountability of your marketing flyer. It is essential to have testimonials since this is where your target audience will depend if your products are authentic. Nevertheless, never overdo your content so that your flyer will still look compelling and informative.

4. Make Use of a Template

Once you have already prepared your flyer content, it is time for you to grab a ready-made flyer template. Utilizing a sample flyer is more convenient and easy since the graphic design, as well as the layout, are already given. So, the only thing that is left y=for you is to edit out its content and replace it with yours. Hence, you can choose a printable flyer template from our website. Our expert designers professionally make our templates are writers. Thus, we can assure you that you will produce an alluring and descriptive product flyer.

5. Customize in Adobe Illustrator

After downloading a template, it is time for you to edit it out. Personalizing your modern flyer template is not that difficult if you use Adobe Illustrator. This vector graphics editor allows you to customize designs and input text freely. This application comes with user-friendly editing and writing feature elements. You can also access this software editor in any device anytime.

6. Proofread and Print

When everything is done, the last thing you need to do is to evaluate your product advertising flyer template. Doing this will enable you to identify lacking details or errors in both the content and designs. Afterward, you can already print your modern flyer template. In printing, you have to be picky in using printing materials since your marketing flyer material's appearance matter to your customers.

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