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How To Make A Product Label In Adobe Illustrator

Do not judge a book by its cover. The saying is not only applicable to books but everything. Even though the saying exists, customers likely to contradict. They tend to choose products with pleasing and eye-catching labels than choosing a product with its quality. To increase sales of your product, you need to adjust according to the customer's preferences. Upgrade the product label and make the packaging, logo, and label design beautiful. No need to hire professional graphic designers to upgrade the label because we have product label templates that you can use. We also prepared tips that can be a big help to you.

1. Establish The Concept

The market becomes a tight competition due to extensive advertising gimmicks emerging today. In making the product label, concept making is the very first thing to consider. Establishing the concept before anything else will lead to a smooth flow of making the design and other components needed for the product label. The concept can be a minimalist, vintage, retro, elegant, or anything. But, always bear in mind that the concept should fit your product.

2. Include The Basic Information

This part is all about incorporating branding and the information of the product. The product name and the logo is for branding. The basic information sometimes will include the manufacturer of the product, ingredients, expiration date, nutrition facts, and any important information that needs to be added. Be creative when you insert these details because it will affect the outlook of the product label.

3. Consider The Customer's Point Of View

The main point of upgrading the product label is to impress and gain customers. Then it is necessary to consider their tastes and preferences. The easiest way to determine the preferences of the consumer for the product label is to put yourself in their shoes. If you are the customer, what are the things you look for as the appearance of the product? Usually, customers will go along to normalcy. For example, beauty skincare or cosmetic products typically use a pretty face of a woman as the design. Customers will quickly determine the type of product if the design is related to the product. If they see the woman's pretty face, then they will assume that it is a beauty product. Follow the norm but put a little twist in your product labels.

4. Customize A Template Using Adobe Illustrator

As for busy businessmen like you, ready-made templates are the easiest and fastest way to finish what you aim. Browse through our product label design templates that are easily editable. As you customize our templates, it is better to use Adobe Illustrator as the software. Adobe Illustrator creates several distinct size art-boards rapidly and efficiently. It generates vector documents from pixel-based pictures that have bad quality. It is more designed to create graphics and artwork. The graphics in Adobe Illustrator are created of routes and points of anchor that make them profitable to any size without any loss of quality.

5. Make It Real

Make the upgrade of your product label possible by printing. Check for minor detail mistakes before you start printing. Identify the proper size of the product label first. Surf the net about the appropriate size of any type of product. Consider the form of the product where you will use the label as the packaging. Standard forms for packaging are bottle label, jar label, round label, and square label.

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