Malls, retail stores, and stalls sell a variety of products that consumers can consider. Special events or even on a regular day, several companies would offer discounts and clearance sales. In expanding your visibility from the wide array of competition, you have to think of the appropriate marketing tool. Flyers are among the advertising resources that showcase effectivity. That is why we offer our selections of Beautifully Designed and High-Quality Product Flyer Templates in Apple Pages that you can choose from. You can also get these templates in (US) 8.5x11 and (A4) 8.23x11.69 inches + Bleed sizes. Inform your customers and increase potential sales. Grab one now! 

How to Make a Product Flyer in Apple Pages

We live in the age were selling happens left and right. Companies boom, so as competition. And dealing with this kind of situation could tolerate companies to double their effort in promoting their own. Generally, in knowing effective ways to sell new products, it must come with the right planning and collecting of resources. As there are multiple ways how businesses can boom their marketing strategy, flyers have been the oldest tool yet still among the most effective. So, even in the existence of social media and technology, a lot of companies still distribute flyers to increase promotions. If you have a sale or launching coming up, below are the list of steps that you can follow in creating a Product Flyer in Apple Pages.

1. Prepare the Details

Part of ensuring that your product will sell is to make sure the details are correct. You have to remember that you are making a creative marketing tool. So, it must grab people’s attention effectively. But how do you do this? You do your research about your competitors. Whether you are promoting cosmetic products or food, you have to get the relevant details. The list has to include samples, designs, taglines, descriptions, and images.

2. Choose a Flyer Template

In knowing what you need, you must also come up with the appropriate flyer template. Start browsing through product flyer examples online. There are several ways how you can start with it. But to assure you that you finish it right in time, downloading a ready-made template helps a lot. Our website offers pre-made Product Flyer Templates in Apple Pages. All you have to do is to set your application to a new document. From there, locate the My Templates folder.

3. Transfer the Information and Customize

If your template isn’t appropriately structured yet according to your preference, customize it. Incorporate the details or customize it. Either way, whatever floats your boat will do. But if you choose to customize it, always remember to leave enough space for the texts. Adjust the layouts. Make sure to create a balance between the designs and the information. Don’t overdo both. Now, insert the information by dragging a text box from the toolbar. Remember, creative flyers follow the right format. So, always use easy to read font style. And follow the proper sizing.

4. Add Product Images

Of course, complete the whole purpose of creating a promotional flyer by adding an image of the product. This helps people check how it looks. But remember to avoid inserting photos that are unrealistic as looks can sometimes be deceiving. Don’t go above the expectations of your consumers. Do a product shoot. Use it at the top or bottom borders of your flyer. Make it big so as others can notice it. We suggest you make your images in colored and avoid black and white.

5. Review and Print

Give it a day or two to review the finished product. Expect that there will always be several revisions. But to keep it minimal, submit it to your company’s team leaders and heads. They can confirm if printing can be done already. Is it useful for more engagement? If done, print enough copies of your sample flyers. Now, distribute it.

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