Whenever people do shopping, the first thing that will catch their attention is the products' label. That is why, if you want your product to be high-quality and salable, affix a product label. Make people purchase your product by using one of our ready-made product label templates. We have well-layered and beautifully designed product labels that you can customize through all versions of Apple Pages. These templates are easily editable and fully customizable content that comes in different shapes, which will suit your product perfectly. What are you waiting for? Enjoy using high-quality and printable content now!

How To Make A Product Label In Pages

A product label is critical for your product to be salable. Product labels build the identity of your product. This label type pertains to a material pasted on a product with information about it. It can be a piece of cloth, paper, plastic sticker, or metal. Product labels are used in the packaging of foods, beverages, cosmetics, medicines, supplements, and many more.

Product labels are the first thing people will notice about your product. Therefore, create a unique and eye-catching label design that will be a head-turner for customers strolling the shop aisles. If you are interested in creating an enthralling product label, then you'll be happy to know that will instruct you how to do it in five simple steps. Here's how:

1. Decide The Concept Of Product Label

There are a lot of products sold in shops and stores in the world. First, you need to determine what type of product you're going to affix the label. Once done, you need to think of a concept. You can go for a vintage design or round product label. Brainstorm on how it should look like. Be creative with your design yet functional and memorable.

2. Design Product Label Through Apple Pages

Just like a company logo, play with the colors and typography using Apple Pages. Apple Pages is an exclusive word-processing program on Mac computers. Nevertheless, you can use this program as an alternative design program if you don't have any sophisticated design program. Designing your product label has a lot of considerations to think about. Such as the surface you're going to attach the label to and the presentation of your information. Make your design timeless, interesting, and represents your brand.

3. Incorporate Branding Elements

Product labels can build your brand that is why you need to feature the name of the product and the manufacturer information on the design. Providing contact information on your product label will encourage communication with your customers. There's a great chance you'll surely receive feedback from customers if you incorporate your company information. Highlight the product name and use a smaller font for your company information. The information should include the website address, address, and social media accounts.

4. Add Other Details

Some product labels provide information like in a bottle label; it provides the ingredients used in making the product, the quality, the expiry date, and so on. This is essential in marketing a product since some customers would want to know more about the product. This information can act as a guide for customers.

5. Make Real The Product Label

The last step is to actualize your product label. Try test printing before you produce a lot of copies to compare the design color from the printed design color and check if the product label isn't too small or too big for the product. Sizes vary for products like a wine bottle, the size needs to be 3.5 in x 4. So try to look up for standard sizes of the products online. Afterward, try to get feedback from your team or civilians so that you can make changes when suggestions start piling up.

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