How to Create a Program Flowchart In Google Docs

A program flowchart figures out underlying decisions and methods in carrying out an event or any program. It is a great tool that helps manage event planning, improving work efficiency as it helps save time, labor, and money.
Creating charts such as a program flowchart can be one of the favorite things you do in Google Docs because it is very easy to construct it with the software’s minimal but essential tools that will accommodate you in completing your chart. Follow our guide below to make it.

1. Create the Program

Organizing the program first will quicken things because it readies the flow. Compose the program flow from start to finish so you can use this as the outline of your flowchart. Carefully plan each segment to build a constructive order of the events. This is to make the engagement of the participants active until the end. It will also be the determiner of the program’s success in meeting its objectives, both for its participants and its organizers.

2. Open Process Channels

Under every sequence of the program flow, open channels to make room for processes and the decisions involved with it. Create a system of how things should progress. Fill the channels with them and the different encounters you may meet along the way, such as possible obstacles. For example, during preparation, the equipment won’t function. What will be your resolution? Or for instance, the management won’t approve your budget proposal for the program, what are your alternatives for that situation so that you’ll still make your progress a success? Think all of these possibilities as you make the process flow. It will make your program truly complete.

3. Transfer the Flow in a Chart

Spontaneously place the program workflow in a chart through our program flowchart templates that are compatible for download and edit in Google Docs. Scroll up and choose from our professionally-made templates that you can get for free! Customize the suggestive contents with the program process flow details. Or choose to make your flowchart from scratch by constructing the shapes and line in the software’s drawing pad. Find this digital canvas in the insert menu, drawing, and new. Create a chart that will match the number of processes you have outlined in step number two. By clicking save and close, your flowchart immediately transfers to the blank page of your document. Review the chart, make necessary revisions, then you’re all set.

4. Set and Use

Put your finishing touches on the flowchart. Color the shapes or the shape outlines to sort the program from its sub-processes. Apply the same color for the start and end, all decisions, and processes of the same design. Keep your chart simple. The very point of making it will be nullified if it will not be able to guide appropriately. Produce your output to serve its purpose. Distribute it to all event organizers and other program crew. Get your campaign, project, and training flowchart templates above!

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