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How to Create a Real Estate Agent Flyer in Illustrator

One of the hardest properties to avail ever since is to have a house you can officially call your own. There are a lot of major factors in how the homebuyers can be so fussy in selecting the property that they think it’s the best for them. The marketing tools usage plays a big factor, your real estate agent flyer, for instance. Each of your marketing mediums will also reflect the branding and proficiency of your real estate business, and that includes your flyers.

The following steps are highly encouraged to observe to help you create one that helps you see results later on.

1. Talk friendly, Sound Professional

Your flyer can be your first interaction from you to your potential buyers. In this sense, make sure to carefully jot down your wordings that it appears to be highly welcoming, not intimidating, yet is still sounding professional. Choose as well carefully the proper terms that match best to the industry and your real estate’s particular branding. Slang or informal forms of language are discouraged in this type of marketing flyer as you're a realtor. Nevertheless, your content must not be dull also or too strict and corporate. Compose it in the way it’s easily understandable, direct to the point, and active language. Uphold interactivity in your language here.

2. Market Yourself Well

You are your real estate asset as well. Balance the content of your flyer with your real estate deals and you as the agent thoroughly. This adds more credibility to the property being sold by proudly presenting the seller’s representative well. Imply your profile or brief background, present your credentials, feature your awards or certificates and other bits of information you think will relate to the industry you take part in.

3. Insert your Professional Image

Closely related to step 2 with the need to emphasize. In including yourself to the flyer, the photo you have to insert must be the professional-looking one. Selfies or informally taken photos are no good and may just ruin the branding and image of the whole real estate selling as a whole. If you do not have the well-prepared photos yet, you can come to any photo studio and ask for their assistance. You might be asked to pose formally, wear professional clothes like suit and tie, formal/casual, and the like.

4. Be Easily Reachable

After you have presented your deals, miss not your contact details with your engaging call to action statements. In this modern world, you can not now just present one option or two. Apart from contact numbers, it is highly recommended to entail also your email addresses, social media pages, or accounts such as Facebook, Instagram Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like. Plus, the trend of QR codes is also advisable to make use of. With all of your contact details, make sure all these are working. Lines are always available; digital platforms must be active. It would also be better if you can provide contact numbers that are toll-free for your potential clients’ favor.

As cited in Hootsuite’s site, Facebook stated in its Second Quarter 2019 Results Conference Call that their ad impressions in the said platform raised up to 33%. This includes Instagram Stories and Instagram Feed as well. So, better keep in touch with your digital marketing too! For your absolute ease, all our flyer templates available are versatile and shareable digitally!

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