Delivery and takeout have been very convenient to a lot of customers. Although lots of people order in those ways, the struggle to keep them engaged to the menu can be hard. And upgrading your menu for that will not hurt. So, whether you have a Chinese, Italian, or Las Vegas theme in your restaurant, we have a fantastic collection of Restaurant Takeaway and Delivery Templates in Microsoft Publisher! These templates will surely steal people's attention to make them order from your restaurant! These are beautifully designed and are editable, too. Download one and make your customers hungrier!

How to Make a Restaurant Takeaway and Delivery Menu in Microsoft Publisher

Nation's Restaurant News found out that once a week, 60% of consumers in the U.S. order takeout and delivery. Some people don't eat in restaurants because of different reasons. Some don't have time to cook, and some just eat at home for convenience. And since the number of people who order is getting higher, it's also time for you to upgrade your old menu now. Your restaurant needs that new and improved version of your takeaway and delivery menu to entice people. But, don't think it's going to be hard because the tips below are going to help you:

1. Start the Menu from Top Left

Don't be deceived into placing your most delicious and most expensive food on the top right corner. Actually, it's not a good idea. Want to know why? A lot of people start reading from the top left corner. So, make their stomachs growl by pasting your best shots on the top left corner of your food menu.

2. Don't Put Too Many Images

Yes, people can indeed salivate just by looking at an image of a pie or a pizza. However, this doesn't mean this strategy is going to work on your simple menu. Sometimes, it's best to keep the number of images to a minimum, especially if your restaurant has expensive meals. But, if you are a food chain or fast food, you can paste different pictures.

3. Categorize It

Don't ruin your customers' mood by creating a long list of meals that are not well-categorized. It wouldn't be convenient for them to scan your menu for a long time just to find what they want. To remedy that, categorize the meals accordingly.

4. Be Careful With Typography

Typography plays a huge part in your printable menu. It can help a customer scan the menu, or frustrate them because the food list is hard to read. So, never underestimate the power of the typography you're going to choose. Pick readable and fitting typography for it.

5. Don't Include Too Many Descriptions

Words can appeal to the senses. But using too many descriptive words on your elegant menu is not going to work. One tip, if you wish to add descriptions of food on your menu, ensure that they're short but can still appeal to the customer.

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