Many might believe that flyers are obsolete and have no purpose in this age of technology and the internet. However, contrary to that belief, flyers are still very much useful for advertising purposes since you can now share flyers online. So if you have a restaurant you want to put out there, don’t be afraid to use flyers for your marketing plans. Our Restaurant Flyers in Publisher is not only professionally created and creative, but these are also highly easy to edit because it is user-friendly. If you do want to use other editing programs, our flyers are also available in formats of MS Word (.docx), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Adobe InDesign (.indd & .idml), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), and Apple Pages (.pages). Also available to print on US sizes, download now!

How to Make a Restaurant Flyer in Publisher:

Can you imagine a life without restaurants? Even if you diligently cook your meals at home, restaurants nearby can certainly save individuals from hunger when you are running out of time. Not only do we rely on food for survival, but eating out is also an enjoyable experience especially with friends and family. According to Statista, about a quarter of the expenditure of the US consumer is spent on restaurants. If you believe that your restaurant has the potential to reach a specific and big clientele, then you should pursue that business opportunity!

The variety of restaurant flyer designs we have can certainly help you out in reaching a wide audience. Whether you have a fine dining restaurant or fast-food chain, we believe that you can find the best flyer type for you! Wondering how you can create a professional and eye-catching flyer on your own, read more and you’ll see how!

1. Determine if Your Flyer is a Self-Mailer or a Handout

Apart from its ability to be compatible with the flyers we have, MS Publisher is a great software to use with our templates. Especially if you want a flyer that is used for email networking, you can have the templates set for self-mail and it does the program send your flyers for you. All you have to do is check the “Include Customer Address” box to your mailing address.

2. Select Your Preferred Design

How your flyer looks gives the reader a sample of what your restaurant is like. Whether you are choosing a modern, simple or colorful design, you always have to keep in mind your brand. Wouldn’t it be odd if you choose an elegant looking flyer when you are serving mostly fast food choices?

3. Ask Yourself What You Want to Feature

Are you having a promo? Maybe it’s the grand opening of your restaurant? Do you want your diners to be updated with the menu items in your establishment? These are a few things you have to consider when creating your restaurant flyer. This allows you to focus on a coherent topic as flyers are better off simple and quick to read.

4. Add in Your Restaurant Information

Never forget adding in the details of your establishment. These minute information like contact details, address, and social media accounts help any customer reach out to you whenever they need your services. If possible, attaching a business card to your printed flyers can be of great help. These are small and can be placed in wallets or pockets and is convenient for when your customers want to call you up for a reservation or for delivery.

5. Save Your Flyer and Ready It for Publishing

Flyers in Publisher can be saved formats of .pub .jpeg or .png, making it versatile for how you want to distribute to your market. Online sharing such as emails and social media will benefit from .jpeg and .png formats. On the other hand, .pub is great if you want to go old school and have the flyer printed.

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