For Christians, revival is a spiritual restoration. It encompasses the renewal of a person's love for God—a deep appreciation of His holiness and great passion for His Word. Bring back the hope and be filled with the Holy Spirit with our vast selections of Revival Flyer Templates. These professionally designed templates are 100% customizable and easily editable in all versions of Illustrator, Pages, Photoshop, Publisher, and Word. Get files available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. Get it now! 

How to Craft a Revival Flyer in Illustrator

A recent study of Pew Research Center reveals that Christianity in the U.S. continues to decline at a rapid pace. In fact, 35 million Americans are expected to give up Christianity by 2050. This report saddens a lot of church leaders. And a great revival must happen to restore their faith. To assist you in revival preparations, we have presented practical tips on how to craft a revival flyer.

1. Realize a Need for a Goal

Winning church flyers always start with a SMART goal. A goal helps you establish a well-defined message. Think about what God tells you to achieve through your church revival. Is it to encourage other Christians to restore their faith? Is it to share the gospel with other people? Or, are you planning for a church anniversary celebration? Whatever your aims may be, steer it to the mission established by the church.

2. Evangelize your Faith through a Hopeful Content

Encourage readers to know further about your revival event flyer. Aside from including basic details (event name, speakers, location, date, time, etc.), present a brief background or description of the event. Will your message give hope? Will it lift the reader's spirits or touch their lives? Grab this opportunity to share your faith. Make it short yet impactful. Give readers a hopeful and spirit-filled reading experience. That way, readers will ponder on your invitation and may result in an increased likelihood that your flyers will be shared with others.

3. Vitalize the Message with Designs

Give life to your message! Strengthen it with designs and visual elements. Incorporate suitable fonts, artworks, and images that connect with your entire worship flyer design. For instance, you're opting for a modern flyer layout, use modern typefaces that are available online and add 300 DPI high-resolution images. Always think of the overall quality of your flyer design. That way, you're creating a focal point that will allow your readers to skim the whole flyer.

4. Ignite with Colors

Spark your reader's interest. Do it with colors. Whether you're crafting basic or creative flyers, specify a color scheme. This allows you to create an identity and focus on your design. Establish a color scheme by following a set of brand, seasonal, and nature-inspired colors. For instance, in your fall, summer, or spring revival flyer, incorporate seasonal colors. That way, you prepare the readers of what ambiance they will experience in your upcoming event.

5. Volume Up the Worship with Our Sound Templates

Crafting your concert revival flyer from a blank canvas is a bit overwhelming. Gather worshippers with our sample flyers—be it for city-wide or church worship revival. Pick one that matches your theme. Download, open, and personalize it in Adobe Illustrator or any other available file formats that work well with you. Once done, proofread and print with sturdy paper stock to ensure quality.

6. Expose it in Public

Let your target audience save the date. Distribute your promotional flyers in places where most of them are located. For instance, disseminate your printable flyers after a Sunday service or post it in your church bulletin board.

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