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How To Create a Revival Flyer in Word

The history of revivals encompasses a great and widespread of Christianity all over the world. Zealous Christian leaders like Billy Graham firmly led one of the greatest revivals in US history. Revivals are important events of the church that strengthens and restores the faith of the people. If your church is planning to host a revival event, revival preparations are key. One of your responsibilities is to inform people about the upcoming event. Do it with flyers. Consider the following relevant tips to create a winning revival flyer.

1. Establish a Relevant Goal

A goal will help you define your message. Come up with a relevant goal that is connected with your belief. Formulate questions that will guide you on what would be the core of your overall church flyer theme. Are you encouraging people to grow their faith? Is your church planning to evangelize and share the gospel with a massive target audience? Or, are you hosting a worship concert? Whatever possible reasons you may have, always remember to point with your church's mission. Speak with your church colleagues and church members to get their opinions. Pray for wisdom and ponder upon what God wants you to do for that event.

2. Note All the Essential Details

Your flyer serves as a guide to inform people about the event. If you are organizing a worship revival event, cling to the main details. These include the name or theme of the event, location, speakers, date, time, etc. Moreover, add a short description of the event. Put yourself in the reader's shoes and ask yourself, "Why would I come?" State a reason that will give them hope. Inspire and touch their lives. For instance, in your revival event flyer, add a brief testimony, a verse, and a provocative headline. Just a tip: Do not put too much information.

3. Layout and Design

Visual elements are one of the essential factors in your creative flyers. Unleash your creativity. Choose design elements that match the overall intent of your flyer. For instance, when creating a summer church revival flyer, choose a seasonal color palette. This includes warm and cool colors. Make your headline texts bigger and bold for emphasis. Ideal fonts are Sans Serif, Serifs, and Hand Lettering, or you can research for other suitable typefaces. Just a tip: Balance your text and design elements. Your goal is to provide readers a comfortable reading experience.

4. Incorporate Relevant Images

Images are bait—they matter. Humans are visual beings so, take advantage of that fact. This element can be your focal point to catch your reader's attention to read further. For example, in crafting your worship revival flyer, add an image of people singing and worshipping. Well, it's all in your hands. Just opt for images that speak about your message. Choose high-quality images, especially for printable flyers.

5. Download a Suitable Flyer Template

Conceptualizing the entire message and design for your flyer is a demanding task. Look for design ideas that connect with your theme. Above this article, we have presented sample flyers that suit your changing needs. Freely download, open, and customize your desired template in all versions of MS Word and other available file formats. Proofread and print using sturdy paper stock to ensure durability. Once done, distribute and post it in public areas.

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