Whether you will host a formal business event or a simple birthday celebration, getting your guest in one place is never easy. But, having a well-made invitation card will somehow lessen your worries. For that reason, we offer you our professionally made and beautifully crafted Sample Invitation Templates available in Adobe Illustrator. Our sample templates have built-in appealing formats, designs, layouts, and illustrations that you may use in making your own invitations. These invitation templates are ready to print in 5x7 inches + Bleed sizes. Grab our customizable templates today, and we make sure you will have an impressive invitation material that will entice your audience to come to your party.

How to Make a Sample Invitation in Adobe Illustrator

Event planning covers a wide range of responsibilities, and one of those is making worth-having invitation cards. Invitation card-making is not that easy. That is why we provide you with some tips for creating enticing and impressive sample invitation cards. Here's how.

1. Craft Creative Designs

No one will ever turn down a sample elegant invitation card. That is why you have to be creative enough to craft the perfect set of designs, illustrations, and artworks to incorporate in your sample invitation. In doing so, you can use Adobe illustrator—one of the most trusted editing software by expert graphic designers. Adobe Illustrator has an extensive collection of easy-to-use graphics tools that you can use in designing your card. Using this editing application is a win-win situation for you since this does not only allow you to construct eye-catching designs but also lets you organize content well.

2. Input Informative Text

Party or meeting invitation card shares the same content—the who, what, when, where, and sometimes why. Thus, for your sample invitation, those are the must-haves. You must write who the event is for, what the occasion is, when it will happen, where it is held, and why it is necessary. However, you have to be careful in giving the details. You have to make sure that there are no errors, and the information is precise to avoid confusion of your audience. You don't want your guests to attend the wrong event, don't you?

3. Pick the Best Card Stock

RSVP cards or any invitation cards need to look expensive and appealing to encourage your guests to come to your wedding or business meeting event. Thus, choosing the card stock to print your sample invitation with matters. The most recommended sort of card stock is those that are heavy and thick. The durability of your card stock gives an impact on the appearance of your sample invitation. So, be resourceful enough to look for the best card stock to use.

4. Enclose in Envelops

Putting your printed sample event invitation cards in a well-made envelope makes it more formal and attractive. Doing this will set an impression to your guests that you put effort and seriousness in making invitation cards for them. And, that would likely make them want to come and enjoy your party. However, make sure to keep your invitation card envelops as simple as possible, not to overpower your printable invitation.

5. Send Out Invitations

Sending out copies of your sample professional invitation cards can take place in two ways—personal or through email. These two approaches have different advantages, according to Apartment Therapy. If you want to use the traditional form, it will give you a sense of privacy, and it allows you to send your sample invitation to whoever is invited. Meanwhile, using the digital form is more convenient and allows your guests to send RSVP instantly. But either way, both are effective if you do it well.

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