If you are promoting your company’s services through hosting an event, you would likely need to produce a formal and professional business invitation to invite your desired guests. Especially if you are hosting massive events like Christmas party or company services party, verbal invitation is not enough, so you need to secure a documented invitation. Get to entice clients to avail your services by downloading this premium, comprehensive, and beautifully designed Services Invitation Template in Adobe Illustrator. This template lets you craft a modern and elegant invitation as it has original design that you can edit and customize. So, be the leading service company now with our template!

How to Make a Service Invitation in Adobe Illustrator

As the company’s event organizer, you would not want to mess an event that would advertise your service just because you did not disseminate the information about it. With that, you need to secure an invitation card for each of the invitees of the event. But, because of the hectic scheduling in preparing, you do not have the time in the world to make one. Well, lucky for you as we provide you helpful tips that would make your service invitation making a lot easier.

1. Know the Nature of the Occasion

First, you need to determine as to what would the occasion will be. Will it be formal service event? Or a casual birthday dinner? It is important to know about this as it would be the turning point of your invitation. You would not want to produce an invitation with a casual tone for a formal party.

2. Collect the Necessary Data

It would be tedious for you to collect every detail of the invitees, especially if you are talking about a massive number. But, it is necessary for you to do it, especially if you are hosting a service event. Know the personal information about your audiences and list them out. In that way, they would feel valued and as a result, they would likely attend.

3. Choose the Right Design Elements

Appearance is also a valuable factor into your service invitation. You need to exert some effort in choosing the right design elements to include into your document. For typography, you can choose strong fonts to give an impactful impression. For the color scheme, you need to compliment it with your concept. There are other options you can choose from, such as floral, chalkboard, retro, and more.

4. Include an RSVP

You need to keep an open communication between you and your audience. With that, you need to include an RSVP into your invitation. An RSVP includes an encouraging statement and the possible contact number for queries. This would be advantage for you as you would know the estimate guests expected to attend the service event.

5. Make Everything Legible

Event invitation is a medium of communication between you and your audience as you would want to relay information about the event. With that, you need to ensure that the content is legible and understandable. Consider using similar fonts from the start up till the end. Also, always contrast the font color with your background.

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