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How to Make a Service Voucher in Adobe Illustrator?

Much like a gift certificate or a gift card, service vouchers will help your business increase revenues. If you want to make your own service vouchers, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Decide What Kind of Service Your Voucher Will Have

Before you can ideally make a service voucher, it is important to start a decision about what kind of services your customers can get. Determine what kind of value your clients and customers can get from your vouchers. Are you going to give a discount for an all-around repair in the household? Do you want to give 50% discount for an oil service voucher? Will you give your customers a car wash gift voucher? Do you want to provide for an offer of a laundry service? Do you want your clients to enjoy a cleaning service at home? Remember to make sure that you have made a thorough analysis about the kinds of services you will have to give.

2. Design

Once your done deciding what service voucher you want to offer, you can search online a voucher template online to make your work easier. Another thing, if you don't want to make a bland service voucher, you can try adding designs. Make sure that the designs that you will put are blended to your voucher's purpose. You can add a theme to your service voucher or stickers, to make it look attractive. To add to that, you can use Adobe Illustrator to edit your voucher, you can add graphics and designs to your vouchers using that vector graphics editor. Do not put too much designs on your voucher or you will make it confusing to look at.

3. Content

The content of your voucher is important. Make sure that you will put the exact kind of service that your clients and customers will get. You don't have to be so wordy because you only have a small space on your voucher. Keep it direct. Make sure that the words you will use on your voucher are simple to understand. Also, you need to add the serial number on your vouchers.

4. Terms and Conditions

Since you don't have all the time in the world to tell your clients and customers face-to-face about how they can use the voucher, so you will just have to put it on the voucher. Make sure that the terms and conditions are specified directly to help your customers understand better. Never make your directions confusing.

5. Voucher Validity

Do not forget to include when your vouchers will expire. Note that you will have to decide the date when you can end the validity of your service vouchers. You can make some analysis on when you will have to end the validity of these vouchers.

6. Proofread

After making your voucher, you will now have to review it for mistakes. If you send out vouchers with errors, there would be a tendency that it could ruin your business reputation. So as much as possible, make sure that you keep it from mistakes. When done, you can now print your service vouchers and distribute them.

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