No matter where we go, street and establishment signs are present to secure our safety. If you are searching for a sign for your community or entity, then you have stumbled upon the right place. Here, we give you sign templates that are appropriate for any purpose. We have emergency sign templates, No Smoking templates, safety sign templates, and many more! You are free to express your visionary because these templates are entirely editable. We offer 100% customizable, printable, high quality, professional, quick, and beautifully designed templates. Available in Adobe Photoshop. Hurry and get your hands on any of these templates now for free! 

What Is a Sign?

A sign is a visual object that serves as a serious warning, a direction pointer (wayfinding), and an indicator of certain restrictions. These are either planted on the ground, posted on a wall or a vertical hard surface. Signages are commonly seen by the roads, in communities, and in establishments. Possible repercussions are stated to warn individuals of what might happen if signs are ignored. Neon colors are used for it to be visible at night. Signages are crucial in construction sites, schools, hospitals, and the workplace.

In the world of business, 50% of consumers have stated that poor signage will dissuade them from entering an establishment. First impressions are lasting among many individuals. Your signage will be their determinant if your establishment's interiors are worthy of exploring or not. 76% of consumers have entered an establishment or business that they are not familiar with before because of digital signages.

How to Create a Sign Template

Your sign should still be visible even in areas not reached by light. To create a valid warning, read our summary below.

1. Aim to Be Visible

Signages are made to transmit a message to individuals. You cannot convey your message if your signage is displayed in a dimly lit or secluded area. Display your signage in an open area where individuals can easily spot it. Keep in mind that the irresponsible placement of your signage can risk an individual's safety.

2. Make Use of Bright Colors

Color combinations that we usually see in signages are yellow and black, white and black, and blue and white. To maintain noticeability during the darkest night or power shortage, make use of neon colors. You won't have to worry about individuals overlooking your signage.

3. Use the Proper Font

One of the top factors that affect your readability is your use of fonts. Use fonts that are readable at a distance. Avoid decorative fonts because you are conveying a formal message. Strive to make your signages readable.

4. Make It Alarming

Sometimes, unruly individuals, especially teenagers, are non-compliant to community warnings. They tend to love and attract danger. For it to be alarming, make use of pictures or cite some reported incidents or accidents. Maybe, with a realistic situation, it will urge them to be compliant this time.

5. Make Sure That Employees Are Aware of It

This suggestion applies to inter-office signages. Make sure that your accountable employees are aware of the signage and that they know what to do in case of accidents. It's essential to emphasize its importance first to prevent potential accidents.

6. Make Use of Our Templates

If the thought of making signage from scratch tires you, download our sign templates in Adobe Photoshop. These templates have free artworks and icons, suggestive headings, and easy-to-change colors. If you have better content in mind, our models are modifiable, so edit away!

Signs help point ways and prevent potential accidents. Make sure these are placed accordingly and are noticeable enough.

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