A usual scenario of a Construction Site involves the repetitive sound of hammers, the occasional shaking of the ground, etc.  But above it all, the building that is formed after days, months, and even years of construction bear fruit.  However, absolute safety measures should be taken to declare an area under construction and to stop the laymen from getting affected. Carry out this responsibility by making construction signages. Avail our range of Construction Signs accessible in Photoshop to customize them using your choice. Our expert designers have created for you 100% editable construction sign templates that could possibly be needed in a construction site. Declare risk zones and special department zones by creating signs in a jiffy. Use the special features of color channeling and multi-layering of PSD to make your signs visible and clear. Hurry, get access to the range today!

How to Make Construction Sign in Adobe Photoshop (PSD)?

The Construction Industry creates nearly 1.3 U.S. trillion dollars worth of structure every year according to the data presented by Associated General Contractors of America on their web page. Moreover, a published statistic and fact about the construction industry in the US by Statista declares that residential projects are the primary drivers of the booming Construction Businesses.
Construction projects are almost everywhere. It is simply not enough to advertise them using rack Cards or flyers. There is a strong insistence for these companies to have extra precautionary measures not just to their workers, but also to the people who will be affected by the construction project, the people living and using the area where the project will arise. To help you attain this, we prepared the necessary steps to make construction signages below.

1. Design the Signage

Designing the artwork for your signage is easy with Adobe Photoshop. It is the perfect software for this graphic file. Open a new document, format its size, then choose the signage background. Use the modification options on the right side of your screens, from image layers to text editors. Keep in mind that a Construction Sign is not a Poster. Use colors wisely and accordingly. Create it in one piece! Work faster and smarter by downloading our construction signs templates. They are ready-made with the symbols you need for your construction signage plus its corresponding text content. Grab these free print-ready templates now!

2. Capitalize Letters

Format the texts to capital letters. They are clearer to read that way. Some lowercase letters are confusing sometimes because they share the same forms as the others. To prevent this disorientation, use the uppercase format as much as possible. Not everyone may also know the meaning behind the sign you will put up, so capitalizing letters will make the signages more effective tools since it will be able to relay the message that the Construction company and its workers want to tell the bypassers of the construction site.

3. Apply Bright Colors

The very purpose of signages is to be quickly noticeable so people will be aware of the possible danger of the place where they are walking, standing, or staying. Most of them are warning signs, and you cannot warn people if they cannot easily see the signage. Aside from the place where the signage is positioned, using bright colors will make it easier to recognize. Red, orange, yellow, and other radiant colors will you achieve the very design of construction signs. Apply it on texts to make them easily readable, to the symbol itself or to its background to alert the people who should be warned.

4. Put Up in a Visible Location

It is weird to make a warning sign and just put it where people will hardly see it. The signage should be placed where the construction work is being performed or maybe a few distances ahead so people can prepare to move aside, cross the street or take another route, especially during road reconstructions or building construction. It is also advisable that you put up a notice that a Construction Project will soon rise before even starting the construction. It will make the people in the area be expectant of a traffic situation that may also rise in that place.

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