How to Make a Simple Ticket in Adobe Photoshop

Tickets are one of the most effective ways to boost event revenue. Based on Statista figure, the event tickets segment revenue is US$63,895 million in the year 2020 and is expected to grow by 8.2% in 2024. That makes ticketing essential in every event. So, if you will set to organize one, make sure to have a ticket material that will not only help you gain more audience but also increase profits. To make one, you may follow the guidelines that you can use as a reference in making a simple ticket. Here's how.

1. Determine the Type

To start making your simple ticket, you need to determine its type first. Tickets come in different forms—raffle tickets, event tickets, train tickets, and many more. Identifying the ticket type will help you have a smooth process. Aside from that, you will be able to grasp thoughts and ideas on the suitable content to structure your simple ticket with as well as the perfect designs to incorporate. Doing this will let you produce a simple small ticket material that will help you attain more audiences and raise more profits.

2. Decide the Format

When you have already decided on what type of simple ticket to make, you can already proceed with choosing its format. Ticket formats can be available in both portrait and landscape. Decide on the size that you want to use for your event ticket. However, you have to weigh your simple ticket's content and designs and make sure the orientation you pick will showcase them accurately.

3. Craft the Design

After you decide on the format, the next thing you need to do is to design your simple blank ticket. In doing so, you can open a draft in Adobe Photoshop. This editing software is one of the most reliable and trusted applications by expert graphics designers. This easy-to-use app does not only let you craft appealing designs, artworks, and backgrounds according to your style but also insert high-definition images that will add up to the visual appearance of your simple ticket.

4. Encode the Text

Once you have already inserted eye-catching graphic designs and images to your simple concert ticket, it is now time to encode the content. For tickets, you must provide the following information—event venue address, what the event is about, the date and time, ticket price, and contact details. Nevertheless, make sure that you provide informative content for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

5. Market the Tickets

End your ticket-making process by marketing your simple admission ticket to your attendees. Ticket-selling can take place in malls, ticket stores, or online. If you want to do it traditionally, make sure to print your simple tickets using excellent paper stock and a functional printing machine. But, if you're going to do it online, make sure to save the file correctly, not to ruin the quality of your simple ticket. Either way, as long as you reach more audiences to buy your tickets and join your event.

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