How To Create Simple ID Cards In PSD?

Identity Document (ID) cards have been helpful in the security policy of any country, company, or school. Other than security, these ID cards have benefits depending on their kind. In workplaces, an employee should wear their ID badge all the time as a company ID proof. In schools, a student must bring and present their IDs upon entering the premises and wear every time for easier recognition. Cards aren't just pieces of 3.370 inches wide and 2.125 inches high cards, merely wearing these cards help the area safe and sound.

If you're running an institution with thousands of students, then you must create an ID card designated just for your school. Whatever your cause of making, read on the tips we prepared for you. These tips can serve as a guide for you to successfully craft an ID card.

1. Create According To User

Before you even start planning on how to create your ID cards, you have to identify the user first. You create your own design that differs from others. You come up with a school ID design that is accessible only in your institution, so as a company ID design for your workplace.

2. Choose An Orientation

The ID cards can either be on a portrait or landscape orientation. Portrait cards measure higher in length than width, opposite to how landscape cards work. The details of a portrait card on the front part limit only to basic information such as the name and ID number. Different from portraits, landscape ID cards which can present more details than mentioned. Whatever reason you create, whether for employment card, student or govt ID cards, either of the orientations will do.

3. Input Necessary Details

The details on the front and back portion of the card varies. We previously mentioned the essential information present on the front part of the portrait ID card. Furthermore, the back portion of ID cards comprises the emergency instructions and details such as the contact person, contact number, and the relation. On the other hand, this also contains legal agreements such as the terms and conditions of the ID card and its owner.

4. Add Images

Near chances are one person's name could be similar to others. Thus, the picture attached to it makes it different and easier to recognize. More importantly, when you insert an image, make sure that it's the recent picture that you have. Who will let you in if you have a high school picture attached in your ID while you are on your 30's now, right? No one.

One thing that you should never miss. Add either a school logo or a company logo to your ID card.

5. Print The Output

If you placed all the needed details in your cards, you now review in case there are mistakes. Mistakes make your card weak and unreliable. Check all the details before you print your file. If you think you had the best piece, start printing your output. Your efforts in designing the cards will be useless if the printed cards aren't high-quality.

6. Customize Our Templates With Photoshop

If you prefer to customize our card templates above, it will unquestionably save your time. Photoshop is an editing tool that most of the graphic designers use today. This program has great features that set your creativity high and possible. There are lots of benefits that a well-crafted card gives to you.

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