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How to Make Social Media Flowchart in Apple Pages

The first social media was first invented in 1997. As the years past, social media grew with the invention of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Social media platforms don't fail to catch users' attention, and that's why a lot of people are into them. In fact, to this date, people, both young and old, use social media every day. In the USA alone, by 2018, there were 243.6 million social media users. Because of social media's popularity, many people use them as their business. Although using social media is popular with people, businesses have to make a lot of plans to make it on top. So, businesses use flowcharts to make work efficient in accomplishing tasks like media strategy, media management, and others.

If you want a guide in making your flowchart, here are some helpful tips in that you can use:

1. Get a Flowchart Template

When things don't go as planned or you don't have time to make a flowchart from square one, download a chart template. Templates are highly useful to save you time. They already have contents that you can use for your flowchart. You will only have to edit the template in Apple Pages.

2. Analyze the Purpose

Before you start, you have to identify what kind of simple chart you're going to make. What's the primary goal of why you're making the diagram in the first place. Do you have to make a social media marketing flowchart? Do you need to make a media management flowchart? Do you have to set a process for inbound marketing? Identifying the purpose of why you're making the chart is going to make your work easier.

3. Identify and Organize the Steps

Since a basic chart is a diagram of the process of how someone can finish a specific activity, you have to organize the process of the activity first. You have to analyze how the process will be done. Make sure you arrange the steps correctly. Don't add measures that aren't achievable. You have to be very specific about how things should be done.

4. Use Appropriate Shapes

A flowchart is a diagram, and it has to have different shapes. You have to put the steps that you've listed earlier and put them on the blank spaces (shapes). You have to be careful since an editable chart has different symbols for different purposes. You need to use the proper shape for each step. This way, people can understand it.

5. Keep it Clear

A flowchart is a clear concept of a particular process. It has to look neat and understandable. You have to choose a short phrase for each process. You don't need to put a long sentence on it because the shapes have limited space. Aside from that, a printable chart has to be readable and straightforward. We don't want people to get stuck in reading the diagram. With that, keep the visuals simple because it's efficient.

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