In this digital age, social media campaigns are increasing their competitiveness. More demands in content originality and uniqueness. And to make sure that you stay at the top, defining what your next post will be is essential. You’ll need to plan out coherently. Then, Decide on your strategies. And lead your way to more customers. But don’t fret. To help you avoid a chaotic mess, scroll through our Ready-Made and Beautifully Designed Social Media Planner Templates in Pages. Get yours today in sizes available in (US) 8.5x11 and (A4) 8.7x11.69 inches + bleed. Now, you can conveniently start creating a brand. Work with your team and follow a definitive plan. Download a template today! 

How to Create a Social Media Planner in Apple Pages

We all know that since the rise of technological advancements, people were given so many privileges. And among those include social media as a way to communicate and do business. Collaboration, too, is now often done through social media postings. According to the 2019 survey conducted by Statista, roughly 79% of the American population have a social media account. And apparently, it has its common disadvantages too. As the number of networking profile is rising, content originality is crucial. Whether posting on Facebook, blog, or any platform, marketing yourself or your company must be planned ultimately.

Here, you’ll need to get a planner. But, you can create yours too. Want to know how? You can read the following tips on how to create a Social Media Planner in Apple Pages.

1. Know Your Goals and Priorities

To get started, it is highly recommended to prepare the fine points. Whether you are doing this for personal or business purposes, knowing your objectives is necessary. This, too, help you go through the process without further stress. So, create a coherent plan beforehand. Jot down all the goals and priorities you intend to accomplish weekly or monthly. Do you need to publish three or five infographics by June? Or maybe, you have a partnership with brands? Think about it well. List them down according to priority.

2. Work on a Planner Template

Now that you have your objectives, it’s time to visualize your plans. In doing so, you can either prepare an empty or consider a readily available design. Choosing the latter could make your life easier. Our website helps you by providing a variety of Beautifully Designed Social Media Planner Templates. Just by using your Mac, get started by launching your Apple Pages program. You’ll get redirected to a new document that you may begin customizing. Here, you can easily plot your schedules and trackers.

3. Get the Pages Ready for the Tables

But before jumping into filling out the details, adjust the tables. Generally, you’ll have to leave extra spaces. This is to have the ease in constructing more tables. On the first page, you can fill it with a monthly calendar. This helps you track deadlines. Next, make sure to set up a table for a checklist. This is where you write down your to-do list. On the next pages, you may include progress reports, content plans, journal notes, and the list of hashtags. Now, lay the labels correspondingly. Or, you may also include a page number.

4. Supply with the Details

Flip through each page. Supply what’s necessary for each. Typically, this includes adding your daily or weekly tasks. Do you need to upload a photo every week? Or do you have to comply with partnership requirements? Aside from that, determine which social media it will be up. Write them down on your checklist, where you can quickly check the boxes once accomplished.

5. Make It Look Attractive

Planners don’t necessarily need to be fancy. But somehow, designs could potentially increase motivation. You can still maintain a professional-looking planner. And just by adjusting the colors, text style, and size, this creates a whole new look. Add symbols and graphical images to add fun. Other than that, you may also consider adding a logo on the cover page. Ensure to input your name and contact information.

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