Software development is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, a missing piece will stop the program from running. This is why planning each task is essential, to make sure that everything’s in place once you boot it up. To help you in creating a plan specifically for software development, we have ready-made products at your disposal. Check out our Software Planner Templates in Apple Pages, they’re downloadable and easily editable. Whether you’re into daily, weekly, or monthly planning, we have the ideal template for you. Finish and perfect your software application by subscribing to our planner templates!

How to Make a Software Planner in Apple Pages

Planners help in goal setting and ensuring that you’re on the right track to achieve it. According to Holly Trantham, planners will make you look forward to future activities. In software development, planning is also essential and we have guidelines below to help you in making your planner.

1. Decide Whether to Follow a Daily, Monthly, or Weekly Routine

When we say planners, they come in various types depending on the user’s preference and convenience. There is a daily planner and a weekly planner, to name a few. However, there are also planners that follow all of these time frames. Go with whichever frequency works best for you.

2. Identify the Details of the Software

To make a software planner, you need to ask yourself about the software’s details. What steps should you take to finish or get the software application to run? For convenience, you can also write the details on a Gantt chart for time management and work tracking purposes.

3. Refer to a Calendar for Scheduling of Tasks

Throughout this process, it’s good to have a calendar handy especially when it’s time to identify the tasks. With the help of this and the Gantt chart, you’ll know when to assign specific tasks and how long each one should take. This simple reminder will make work planning and daily task management easier for you.

4. Start Designing Your Planner in Apple Pages

For Mac users, Apple Pages is an intuitive word processor that also capable of rendering visual elements. Simply input the details in your planner and add some images to make the layout more appealing. Speaking of images, Pages has a drag and drop feature to help you add and move them around easily.

5. Verify if the Details in Your Planner are Easy to Follow

You need to ensure that you’re planner is realistic and can be followed easily. Especially if this is used for team scheduling purposes, work is more efficient if all employees understand the plan. If certain sections in the planner are too difficult to follow, make the necessary adjustments right away.

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