Are you looking for a professional way of introducing your IT businesss to potential clients or partners? Use of a business card, that is a personal tool you can use to network and connect with other colleagues or promote your company. Do not worry if you haven't prepared one yet. Choose from our vast collection of Ready-Made IT and Software Business Card Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages. These are fully customizable and printable with creative design and relevant content. Get them now and save your time. Subscribe now to start downloading!

How to Make IT/Software Business Card in Apple (MAC) Pages?

If you think making a business card for your IT and Software company using Apple (MAC) Pages would be difficult, here are some of our tips:

Choose A Specific Template

In Pages processor, you can proceed either with a blank page or choose a suitable business card templates from the 'Template Chooser'. It contains various page layout documents. This means that the texts are all within a textbox. You can start editing the text.

It is now time to choose a template. Click on the Pages tab and select the Stationery. Scroll down to the Business Card section and double-click on a particular business card template. Be sure to pick a template that has a unique design and offers a personal touch. You may now start writing your own information. Once you are done, select all of the text and graphics and click on the Format sidebar. Choose the Arrange tab and then click on Group. By doing so, you are now able to copy and paste all of the elements of your business card without losing the proper alignment.

Copying and Pasting

On your next business card, delete its pre-programmed contents. Drag over the contents that you have copied from your first card. Be sure your alignments are in place. Repeat these steps as necessary.

Prepare for Printing

Once you are satisfied with the results, you may now proceed with the printing process of your business cards. Make sure your card is simple yet presentable and eye-catching.

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