Strategic Google Slides Templates

Google Slides is Great for Strategic Planning and Roadmap Presentations. And So, Offers Free Strategic Samples You Can Download for Google Slides! With Our Templates, You'll Have No Problem Mapping Out Your Organization Growth Plan, Sales Strategy, Market Strategy, Social Media Growth Strategy, Business Strategy, Analysis Process, Product Launch Plan, and Other Agendas.See more

When talking about tactical planning in your presentation, you need professional visuals for properly conveying information to your colleagues. And so, allow us to help create your virtual slides with our easily editable Strategic Templates. Customize our samples with your logos, infographics, backgrounds, and other design assets. If you prefer using Google applications, then you can incorporate our content using Google Slides. Go ahead and download today—create presentations for business objectives, innovation analysis, communication management, operational marketing, and more!


  • How do I create a basic strategic plan outline?

      When defining your strategic plan, consider the following process:

      1. Determine the ultimate goal or vision of your strategic plan
      2. Consider the exact objectives for reaching your goal
      3. Define the tasks for completing your objectives
  • How do I create a chart in my strategic content in Google Slides?

      To create a chart for measurable data (i.e., selling process, marketing growth), go to Insert > Chart and then select one of the chart types in the list. Apply your data by expanding the chart’s dropdown menu (upper-right corner) and then selecting the Open Source option.

  • How do I add text to my strategic content in Google Slides?

      If you need to create a text field in your strategic content, you need text boxes. Start by clicking the Text Box option (in the upper toolbar) and then click-drag across the slide page. Select your text box to start typing.

  • What types of strategic templates does offer? offers the following types of strategic templates:

      1. Strategic checklists
      2. Strategic business plans
      3. Strategic plans
  • How many strategic templates can I download from

      At, you can download over 100 original strategic templates.

  • Which software applications can I use to customize’s strategic templates?

      You can use any of the following applications to customize’s strategic templates:

      1. Apple Keynote
      2. Apple Numbers
      3. Apple Pages
      4. Google Docs
      5. Google Sheets
      6. Google Slides
      7. Microsoft Excel
      8. Microsoft PowerPoint
      9. Microsoft Word