Providing training for your employees doesn't only benefit them, but it benefits your company, too. Training and development will give them room to grow and improve their skills. Aside from that, they can also acquire new knowledge that'll be useful. But every training must be planned carefully. And to remember the dates, choose from this collection of high-quality and ready-made Training Desk Calendar Templates in Microsoft Word (DOC). This template is 100% editable. This calendar will remind and organize the training dates and other activities. What are you waiting for? Download a template now!

How to Make a Training Desk Calendar in Microsoft Word

According to ClearCompany, the most important policy in a company is its training and development, as 68% of employees said. In particular, training employees and teams in your company benefit your organization. And to prepare for any training, you need to set your schedule first in a desk calendar.

Start creating a training desk calendar with the use of the tips below.

1. Prepare the Dates of the Training

Before you begin your calendar, you have to list all the training names and dates for the year. List the titles of each training, whether its a team training, marketing training, hard skills training, soft skills development, etc. After that, you can plot the training names on their specific dates after completing your calendar.

2. Use One Page for Each Month

On this step, you need thirteen pages for your calendar. The first page is for your cover page. Your cover page must contain the calendar's year, calendar's title, company name, logo, etc. Next, the other twelve pages must have one month on each of them, starting from January until December, as a monthly calendar. To have a guide for your year's dates, you can use another calendar and copy it.

3. Get Stylish

Your editable calendar doesn't have to be plain. To make it more appealing, you can shower it with stylish designs as the calendar creator. You can add colors, pictures, and different typography on each page so it won't look bland.

4. Keep It Neat

Although you're adding colors and other artistic elements to your business desk calendar, you must keep it neat. Be sure that every element harmonizes with each other. Avoid a cluttered calendar page because it can cause hassle. The activities and tasks won't be legible if your calendar looks unflattering.

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