Training is considered as a stepping stone to reach a certain goal. Because of this, many companies invest in training to further improve their employees’ skills. These companies can improve job satisfaction and boost productivity through training.

With that being said, the training or human resource managers formulate training plans that target the employees’ need for further improvement. If you are one of them, then don’t hesitate to download our templates for your convenience. You can also apply these tips when making one using Microsoft Word:

1. Define Training Needs

To define your employees’ training needs, you can use a gap analysis. This analysis will serve as your basis throughout the training.

2. Draft Your Training Plan Template in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a user-friendly word processor, so draft your training plan template using this tool. Open your Microsoft Word and start inserting shapes and tables.

3. Include Basic Information

Include your company’s basic information such as company name, logo, and address. Do not forget to include your training plan’s control number for easier documentation.

4. Include Timeline and Success Criteria

Timeline is crucial for your training plan. You must indicate the exact dates of your training and make sure to follow them to avoid jeopardizing your whole schedule. Also, you can include a success criteria.

5. Design Your Training Plan

To make your training plan engaging, you can add colors and shapes to the words and tables. You can also change the font styles of your headers. However, make sure that you keep it presentable by avoiding too much colors and shapes as this is a business document.

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