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What Is A Training Certificate?

A recent article in Forbes looks at training and development as an important factor in employee retention. A training certificate is a formal document certifying that a specific training course has been completed or taken by an individual. Training certificates are generally granted by either government-accredited institutions such as colleges or self-governing organizations and businesses operating their own training programs. They may also be provided informally for an activity or a challenge you have completed.

How to Make a Printable Training Certificate in Microsoft Word

Within the business, many organizations hold training sessions to train staff on a multitude of abilities and processes. Some companies hold training in human resources, the orientation of workers, training in safety as well as training particular to the work of a person. Consider awarding completion certificates to employees after completing a training session successfully. But how are you going to make a training certificate? Here's how!

1. Choose a Certificate Style

Specify the editable certificate style that you will give. If the training session includes separate kinds of work in your organization, you might want a different certificate for each of them. You might want one certificate for supervisors and another one for managers.

Use an application software that is familiar to you so that you can prepare the certificate quickly. You may use the current version of Adobe Photoshop since it is simple to learn with its menus and options.

2. Download a Template

You may download a certificate template that communicates your certificate's purpose and nature. Microsoft Word offers a wide variety of templates you can readily download to produce a training certificate. When you're done downloading, you can write down all the essential information about your organization or company training.

3. Customize the Layout

Every kind of custom certificate has its own layout or format. It is also relatively easy to customize the layout of a certificate template in Microsoft Word. You may use the portrait format or landscape. Create a beautiful yet straightforward certificate to give justice to the participants, for the time and effort they've spent in attending the training.

4. Incorporate Essential Information

Afterward, write down all the details needed for your training certificate. Training certificates typically include the name of the participant and the training's end date. Also, the certificate should include the name of the training program and any significant course number. You can go over other documentation such as the attendance checklist to verify the information you need.

5. Add Signature

Whether making a participation certificate or an appreciation certificate, you must incorporate a signature that will give it an authoritative look. Add a line at the bottom of the certificate with the name and title of the approved signer below. Simply have a blank sheet of paper signed by the personal trainer or any training staff to append an electronic signature to your certificate. Then scan the document and attach it to the certificate.

6. Choose the Best Paper and Get them Printed

After reviewing your simple certificate design, print your document. You will need to use a thick bond paper to make the certificate more durable. Keep the color of the certificate paper relatively light so that your text can have an element of contrast. Add the paper to your high technology color printer and select the print option. After the completion of the training, award the certificates to the participants.

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