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How to Create Gift Vouchers in Apple Pages

Gift vouchers are like gift cards with an equivalent monetary value. These vouchers are useful and convenient in purchasing products or services in a particular store. According to Statista's projected U.S. gift card sales, there are up to 160 billion gift cards sold in 2018 and will eventually grow as the years passes. Gift voucher cards are perfect for birthday presents, weddings, and Christmas gifts. Based on research, 60% of the clients in the market prefer to receive gift vouchers than actual products. Giving out gift vouchers is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to promote their businesses to a particular audience. Here are some tips and steps to guide you on how to create useful gift vouchers.

1. Choose a Theme

You need to choose a theme for your gift vouchers. Most gift vouchers have designs that match their business to stick with their business branding and maintain an image in the market. Some have themes to fit particular holidays or occasions. For instance, you are celebrating the anniversary of your business. You can use a concept that reflects the event and apply it to your business vouchers.

2. Determine Voucher Offer

Instead of using cash, gift vouchers in purchasing products or services. Now, you have to figure out the value you want your gift cards to have. Are you going to apply for a 50% discount on your spa services? Or a service promo in your beauty salon? Just like a sales flyer, you have to include the discounted amount applied to the gift vouchers. Make sure you have clearly stated the value of your business vouchers to avoid conflicts when your clients use them.

3. Use Voucher Templates

To save you from all the hassle of creating your gift cash vouchers, you can use ready-made gift vouchers templates available online. These downloadable templates already have the content and designs you need for a discount voucher. It comes in different styles and themes—from elegant to simple voucher designs. These designed templates are all editable to match your preferences. Pick one that is suitable for your business vouchers to start editing.

4. Customize with Design

Gift vouchers are another form of marketing material that businesses use to gain more potential clients. You need to make them look presentable at the same time professional. Using Apple Pages is an advance when you have an Apple device with you. The editing application provides you easy tools to aid you when adjusting designs and texts.

If you have an editable template, your work will be more convenient. The backgrounds are already there for you to adjust to match your voucher's specifications. Make sure you fill in the essential details needed for a gift voucher—such as the voucher value, name of the recipient, the dates of validity, sample images, and terms & conditions. You can add more information that you think your audience needs to know when using the discount vouchers.

5. Print and Share

After finalizing your printable voucher templates, you can now print them on high-quality paper. Gift vouchers are much more presentable and attractive when placed on specially designed material. You may share your gift voucher for free like product brochures, but you can also sell them to your clients at a discounted rate.

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