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How to Make Gift Tags in Apple Pages?

When you want to send presents on any occasion, it is lovely to match them with gift tags. Presenting your heartfelt gifts with personalized gift tags will make your gift more personal. A survey states that 80% of Americans are glad and felt generous by sending and receiving gifts. So, we are here to help you with making the best gift tags for your presents. Here are some steps for you:

1. What is Your Occasion?

The first thing to ponder on is the occasion for the present. Are you going to send a wedding gift? Is it for someone's graduation? Is your friend going to celebrate a birthday? You need to consider what occasion there is so that you will know how to start it. This is to make things easier in the process of making the content and the design on your gift labels or tags.

2. Personalize Your Design

Designing and decorating the gift tag will not only depend on the occasion or holiday, but it will depend on you. What is your taste? Do you want to cover your gift tags with more life or only put minimal designs? Similarly, when you design your gift tags, you should also fit it to the occasion just like in making holiday cards. For Christmas presents, you should adorn your Christmas gift tags with Christmas decorations and symbols to keep it in-line with the celebration. The same goes for other celebrations and holidays, too. Likewise, you may add any design that you want. You can add a small photo, add floral designs, or add the decorations you have in mind.

3. The Writings on Your Tags

Tags don't only have designs on them, but they have simple contents. Mostly, these tags have short greetings and messages on them. When you are sending a gift as a sign of gratefulness, you may write "Thank You" on it. If you are giving a gift for a wedding, you may write "Congratulations." To add, you should also put who the gift is from so that your receiver will know.

4. Add A Short Personal Message

Aside from just greeting or congratulating, you can also put short messages on them. People will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you add little but heartwarming messages on the tags. Write whatever you want to convey to your receiver. You may write a personal message or add a simple inspirational quote. Make sure that you don't write very long notes because you only have a small piece of tags to write on, unlike writing on cards for holidays or any occasions. Keep your messages short but heartwarming.

5. Use a Gift Card Template

Gift tag templates are so useful, especially if you are a busy person. If you don't have too much time to focus on making your gift tags, you should download a template. The gift card templates on this site are 100% customizable in Apple Pages. You can edit them on Mac or your PC. Then, you can send your printed gift tags together with your gifts to your receivers.

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