It’s undeniable that the most luxurious hotels provide an exceptional service to the customers. However, staying in these hotels may cost people a fortune. If you are a hotelier, offering a discount or a promo to your customers in the form of a gift voucher is a smart move to boost sales and build customer loyalty. Worry not! We have ready-made premium templates specifically tailored for your business. Displayed on this site are high-quality, printable, and beautifully designed Hotel Voucher Templates in Publisher file format which will help you craft a hotel voucher in a breeze. Download now and be a step ahead of your competitors!

How to Design a Hotel Voucher in Publisher?

Promos and discounts are probably the most influential factors which influence the buying behavior of most customers. It entices individuals to avail of products or services that sometimes, they did not really plan on spending their money on. In the hotel industry, it is a wise choice to offer gift vouchers to people with purchasing power. Aside from it increases the visibility of your business, it also builds customer loyalty.

Statistics show that a company or business spends five times more to gain a new customer than trying to maintain the loyalty of an existing one. Moreover, 65% of a company’s business comes from customers who have known your brand for quite some time. This means that the success of your business will somehow rely on the steps you take to retain these existing customers. To help you with that endeavor, we have outlined a step-by-step guide on how to create a hotel voucher in Microsoft Publisher.

1. Launch Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop graphic design application that enables you to layout and design a hotel voucher—be it a cash voucher, gift voucher, or gift certificate. After launching the program, choose the size of your canvas. The standard size of a gift voucher is 8.5" x 4". For coupons and gift certificates, the sizes are as follows: 8" x 3", 2" x 3.5", 4" x 9," and 2.5" x 7".

2. Select Colors and Fonts

The key to a good printable voucher design is the right choice of colors and fonts. You can select colors that would best represent your brand or you can look for a color palette online. In choosing colors, make sure that they harmonize to achieve a visually aesthetic design. For the fonts, select the ones that are legible to effectively convey a message to the customers. Keep in mind that you should not make use of more than three fonts.

If you are having a hard time deciding which colors and fonts to use, feel free to scroll through our website and see our design templates. We have printable hotel voucher templates that are available in numerous file formats.

3. Specify the Amount or the Offer

The value of the business voucher is its most essential component, which is why you have to clearly state the voucher’s worth. Indicate what particular products or services the user can avail in exchange for the gift voucher. The offers can be a free hotel accommodation for those who are celebrating their birthdays, 50% discount on luxurious hotel rooms, breakfast in bed, a box of chocolates for guests, exclusive complimentary gifts, and others. No matter what particular service you offer, make sure that your business can fulfill its promises to make the guests’ hotel stay worthwhile.

4. State the Terms and Conditions

Now that you have specified the offer, the next thing you will do is to state the terms and conditions in a way that is easily understandable. You should also indicate the validity of the discount voucher from the date it was purchased.

5. Print

Take your time to review the content and finalize your design. After this, save it as a PDF file to preserve its design and layout. To do so, click File > Save & Send > Create PDF/XPS, then in the Publish as PDF or XPS dialog, click PDF. Lastly, print the file in a high-quality paper or cardstock.

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