How to Make Hotel Brochures in Microsoft Publisher

After a while of working yourself hard day in and day out, it can’t be helped if you start yearning for some time off and to go on a fun summer trip. So, when you finally get to have your vacation, it’s time to make all the needed preparations before setting off, such as booking a nice hotel to stay in while you’re away from home.

Do you run your own hotel business? Need a little help encouraging more guests to come and check into your rooms? No need to fret since we’ve got our Ready-Made Hotel Brochure Templates to solve your problem! With these elegant brochure designs, you can easily show off the class and luxury you can offer to both leisure and business travelers alike.

Even in this day and age, handing out brochures are still an effective way of drawing in attention. In an article from, printing out one brochure can cost just a mere 1 to 3 USD. So, not only are these pamphlets good for showcasing your establishment in a compact form, but they’re very cost-effective too!

Need some guidance? Just read our tips (below) and see how you can quickly compose a hotel brochure in Microsoft Publisher.

1. Download a Brochure Template to Match Your Hotel

It can be a bit of a challenge when thinking up a good-looking hotel brochure to represent your services and accommodations. Luckily, our Ready-Made Hotel Brochure Templates offer premade designs that are easy for anyone to alter as needed. Plus, they come in a healthy variety, suitable for presenting your beautiful seaside views or your 5-star restaurant meals.

2. Spruce up Your New Template in Microsoft Publisher

If you need a fitting program for editing your templates, then MS Publisher is for you. This program is made specifically for assembling all kinds of distributable material, so it’s perfect for customizing your brochure!

Were you able to decide on a design template? After saving the file to your computer, open it in MS Publisher and get a bit creative. You can also choose not to edit the layout and aesthetics, as our samples are made to work well even when untouched.

For the dialog and information in your promotion, make sure to use comprehensive wording and proper grammar. With a search engine, you can instantly find online resources to help you with this.

3. Improve Your Advertising Even Further

After you finish composing a brochure design, consider additional types of promotional material to use.

Print out some posters and plaster them around areas with plenty of foot traffic. However, do be mindful of places that prohibit posting on walls.

If you’re looking for something larger, then you can go for some banners too. These are more likely for passersby to notice and are good for displaying indoors.

4. Invite Travelers With Style

Now that you have all your material ready to go, get out there and start generating some exposure. With our brochure templates, you can quickly and easily spread the word about your top-of-the-line accommodations!

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